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Adapting to Covid in Court Reporting World

Every industry is being forced to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. We are seeing restaurants and grocery stores evolve their curb-side pick-up and delivery services, and any non-essential businesses that can work from home are doing so.

Attorneys and court reporters are considered essential workers by the Department of Homeland Security who has declared “workers supporting the operations of the judicial system” as essential workers. Even so, attorneys and court reporters are encouraged to set an example and work remotely as often as possible, abiding by social distancing regulations.

With remote depositions as the new norm, it is important to make sure you prepare ahead of time. Listed below are a few tips on preparing for a remote deposition.

  1. Ensure that remote deposition software providers offer a secure platform – Which Huseby does!
  2. Stay current with your state’s oath policy. Some states recently issued emergency COVID-19 Orders, allowing an oath to be taken remotely over video conference “so long as the officer or other person before whom the deposition is to be taken can both see and hear the deponent via audio-video communication equipment or technology for purposes of positively identifying the deponent.”
  3. Become familiarized with court reporting firm’s exhibit sharing features.
  4. Test Wi-Fi connections and video conference software of all parties prior to deposition.

Covid-19 is certainly a crisis, but it is no reason to avoid or cancel depositions with all of the remote options available in the court reporting world today. With Huseby’s remote services, you are able to head into your deposition with confidence.

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