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Benefits of Huseby eDelivery

Huseby eDelivery is a simple, secure, transcript and exhibit delivery system. Your transcripts and exhibits are delivered to your email at the same time and in your preferred formats, no matter the file size. Read on for 6 benefits of Huseby eDelivery.

6 Benefits of Huseby eDelivery:

1. Security and Privacy – Significant resources are invested into IT designed to offer the best security and privacy possible. These processes and procedures are designed to comply with HIPPA security standards.

2. Organization – Your case files are delivered and stored together, rather than receiving a transcript while still waiting on exhibits.

3. Convenient for Team Collaboration – Easily share files with team members.

4. Increased Flexibility – Access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

5. Less Clutter – Diminishing the use of paper files means less clutter overall, which is always beneficial in a work environment.

6. A “Green” Option – Less paper = less harm to the environment. Going greener is always a good thing for a business.