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Top 5 Benefits of Huseby Realtime For Your Remote Depositions

Technology has contributed to a culture of immediate gratification. Connections are fast, data is exchanged quickly, replies are often instantaneous, and turn-around times have been vastly reduced. While advancements in technology have created an expectation of instant access, they have also provided the tools that allow us to offer that unfettered availability as an option more easily.

Court reporting is one of many industries that has been impacted by the rapid evolution of data transmittal. Old-school stenotype machines are still the status quo; however, updated models allow for real-time transcription which means information is translated and relayed immediately instead of stored and transcribed for later review.

So, what is realtime? Realtime court reporting is when the stenographer’s shorthand is instantly translated into English, right there during the deposition or trial. New technology has greatly improved the quality of realtime depositions.

Now, attorneys can view the transcript immediately on an iPad or laptop, as the deposition is happening. There is even a way to instant message during the trial and have conversations off the record.

Realtime technology can enhance your remote deposition experience by providing you access to a live transcript feed as it is being taken down by a highly skilled, realtime reporter. We asked one of our clients why he prefers to take his depositions using realtime. Here’s what he had to say:

“I like to see exactly what the witness said - the exact words that they used - and also the exact words that I used because I can’t really write it down when I’m asking questions. If I have the realtime feed I can just stop the feed rolling right there at the exact spot.
So if I want to repeat the question using the exact words that I used and there is an evasive answer, realtime helps me do that. Or if they said something that I want to follow up on using the exact words that they used and I can see that in the transcript - that helps me.”

The advantages to real-time court reporting are undeniable. Here are a few ways that Realtime Transcript Feed can benefit your remote deposition experience.

Review Testimony & Marked Exhibits

Readily review written testimony and previously marked exhibits live or during breaks so to help you prepare for continuing examination or cross-examination.

Highlight/Bookmark Key Pieces of Testimony

While the deposition is underway, highlight, bookmark, and make notes to the realtime transcript, allowing you to refer to those key pieces of testimony later.

Focus on the Witness

Focus on the video testimony of the witness, their expressions and demeanor, and the tone and inflection of their spoken testimony - with the peace of mind that you have instant access to the realtime transcript feed there when you need it. You can always go back and make notes, bookmarks, or highlights of transcript testimony on-the-fly.

Preparing for Distractions/Lost Connection

Working remotely or in a busy office can prompt interruptions or distractions during your depositions. Should an interruption occur, or in the event you temporarily lose audio or your internet/video connection, no worries! You can easily pick up where you left off and review what you may have missed.

Difficultly Hearing or Understanding Testimony

If you can't clearly understand or hear attendees due to low audio volume, attendees speaking over each other, or accent-heavy speakers, your realtime transcript feed can help you easily follow what is being said.

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Taylor Boysen