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The Huseby Journal

Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Clients

With Valentine’s Day on Friday, what better time to talk about relationships?

Maintaining positive relationships with clients is important for any business to succeed. The level of trust between attorney and court reporter makes relationship building even more vital in the court reporting industry.

4 Ways to maintain long lasting relationships with clients are listed below.

1.     Be personable. Shaking hands, eye contact, small talk – every little thing counts.

2.     Respect others’ time. It goes without saying, that arriving early enough to have equipment set up and still have time before the depo starts is a part of the job.

3.     Go above and beyond. The client is always right, and going above and beyond in every way possible will reap many rewards. You want your clients to tell their friends about your amazing service.

4.     Maintain communication and make yourself available. The key to any relationship is communication, and that goes for the one that you maintain with your clients as well. Listen to their needs and wants so that you can exceed expectations. When a client emails or calls, respond as soon as possible - This a great way to show them that they are a top priority. Email can sometimes delay conversations, be sure to know when a phone call is the better form of communication.

For more tips on building and maintaining positive relationships with clients, visit