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Advantages of our Electronic Exhibit Solutions

Seamless Electronic Exhibit Solutions

It’s 2020 and safe to say that a first-year associate, who has yet to even take a deposition, may likely never need or want to mark and introduce a paper exhibit. Which doesn’t mean depositions are going exhibit-less. Just paperless. Avoid the hassle and back pain of copying and carrying mountains of paper exhibits. Crawl out from under that those piles of paper. Take advantage of Huseby’s electronic exhibit solutions for both remote and in-person depositions.

Our technology allows counsel to present exhibits across the world electronically, make annotations, and mark those exhibits into the record. Once saved, the chain of custody saves a version in counsel’s repository, a copy for the court reporter, and a copy for Huseby’s production department automatically. Counsel has instant access to a complete history of all exhibits previously marked in the case to reference anytime in future depositions.

Advantage One

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Electronic exhibit technology provides you with a platform to workflow your exhibits better than ever before. With the ability to electronically upload documents prior to the deposition, everything is in one general location, organized, and can be easily reviewed or shared with witnesses and other counsel. Pull the exhibits into the live presentation mode and electronically hand a courtesy copy to opposing counsel. Delegate rights to the witness to scroll or annotate and take those rights away.

Advantage Two

Keep Control.

When pre-loading exhibits the system defaults to “private”, meaning you are the only one that can see exhibits preloaded in your queue. Clicking the “is shared” check box allows others to see the documents you have added to the preloaded documents queue. Select “is shared” only if you would like certain documents in your queue to be seen by others. You have better control over questioning when you use these tools to your advantage.

Highlight, mark, and annotate your exhibits during the deposition. If the witness is getting off track and you want them to focus on a specific part of a document, you can use the highlight and arrow tools to point to the appropriate section.

Advantage Three

Last Minute Exhibit? No Problem.

Electronic exhibits give you the flexibility to introduce last minute exhibits. Did you miss preloading an exhibit or have a change of plan during the deposition? New documents can be introduced directly from your computer. Click Open PDF in the Exhibit Presentation Module to open a file directly from a folder or shared drive on your computer.

Advantage Four

Go Paperless.

No more dragging boxes stacked with paper exhibits to your proceeding. The time and costs associated with copying and binding voluminous exhibits to provide to multiple attorneys and then travel to your proceeding adds up. From your home or office, simply upload the exhibits and once you have shared the exhibit during the proceeding all parties can review on their computer. For in-person depositions, use a tablet to introduce previously marked exhibits. As new exhibits are introduced your tablet can be updated remotely daily as your case continues.

Advantage 5

Keep Your Exhibits Secure through HusebyConnect.

When it comes to protecting confidential information, using HusebyConnect’s exhibit presentation and repository is the most secure way to do so. Your exhibits are encrypted at rest and in transit and are designed to comply with HIPPA security standards.

Have You Scheduled Your Remote May Depositions?

Spring Through Your May Depositions with HusebyConnect.

A philosophy that drives the Huseby team is “empowering today’s attorneys.” That philosophy rings true all the time, but it seems to ring especially true during these uncertain times. And in the current situation you may be facing today, at Huseby we are determined to do what we can to put those words into actions. We want to help. Here’s how:

Discover the #1 “shelter-in-place” platform to conduct a deposition from the comfort of your home or office. No need to settle on an “out of the box” tool, or search further for remote deposition solutions, when HusebyConnect provides you a first-class virtual deposition experience, complete with seamless electronic exhibit presentation, real-time transcript feed, and live support from expert Huseby techs.

Taylor Boysen