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Top 5 Exhibit Handling Frequently Asked Questions

This week, we are diving into the top 5 exhibit handling FAQs that we’ve encountered. Since COVID-19, we have all had to adjust to different kind of normal and that has been no different during a deposition. One of the biggest questions clients have had is how to exhibits. With social distancing guidelines in place, the idea of passing around exhibits seems counterproductive. That’s why we’ve created this brief FAQ.

Whether your deposition is being conducted virtually, in-person, or a combination of the two you can be confident with Huseby that it will be conducted successfully. So, let’s dive into our FAQs below.

In-Person Depositions

How do I handle exhibits while maintaining social distance?

We recommend wearing gloves when multiple people are handling the same physical exhibit, but ideally providing separate copies of exhibits to each party, deponent and court reporter allows for a properly socially distanced room and exhibits are handled individually.

If opposing counsel is remote, how do I provide a courtesy copy of exhibits?

We have provided you a few options below:

· Email all exhibits directly to opposing counsel prior to the deposition

· Email each exhibit to opposing counsel as hard copies are introduced at the deposition

· Send hardcopy exhibits in individually sealed envelopes labeled with an identifier with agreed upon instructions to only open each envelop as the exhibit is introduced.

· Present exhibits electronically using the HusebyConnect exhibit presentation module and opposing counsel can view remotely.

Remote Depositions

How do I present exhibits remotely?

You have options! If you prefer having all the “bells and whistles” at your fingertips, using HusebyConnect, exhibits can be presented, annotated, stamped confidential and marked with an exhibit sticker – all in one platform. Previously marked exhibits can also be introduced from the exhibit history. If you prefer a simpler platform, using RingHuseby, exhibits can be pre-marked and screenshared with ease.

How do I provide a courtesy copy of exhibits to opposing counsel?

Using the attorney file share feature in HusebyConnect allows you to electronically “hand” a courtesy copy to opposing counsel as new exhibits are introduced. With RingHuseby, most clients email each exhibit to opposing counsel as they are introduced.

Do I need to provide pre-marked exhibits to the court reporter before the deposition?

With HusebyConnect, there is no need to send pre-marked exhibits to the court reporter or opposing counsel prior to the deposition as you can easily upload, mark and save exhibits on-the-fly. The chain of custody is very similar to hard copy exhibits. As exhibits are marked, a copy is automatically sent to the reporter to produce with the record. For more helpful tips and insights, visit The Huseby Journal at or check out our white papers at

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