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Fundamentals of Remote Depositions

Clients ask us all the time about tips and tools on how to efficiently prepare and execute remote depositions. In this edition of Huseby’s Remote Deposition Tips and Tricks we’re explore the Fundamentals of Remote Depositions.

From choosing a remote platform to presenting exhibits, and popular questions attorneys are asking as an opening to their remote depositions check out the information below to learn more.

Choosing a Remote Platform

Huseby provides you multiple platform options so you have the flexibility to choose the platform that best fits your case needs and user preferences. We can also accommodate and provide a platform of your preference.

No matter which platform you choose you can rest easy knowing both come with live support. Each of our technicians are trained professionals there to help you from start to finish the day of your remote deposition.

Click here to see our Huseby Remote Deposition Expert Technicians video created just for you!

Presenting/Managing Exhibits

Both of Huseby’s preferred platforms allow you to not only present exhibits, but also hand opposing counsel and the deponent a courtesy copy and access previously marked exhibits with ease. Huseby’s remote deposition solutions empower you, the attorney, to have all your exhibits instantly accessible during your deposition and provides you greater flexibility introducing exhibits to the deponent and opposing counsel.

Previously marked exhibits are available in both platforms! Previously marked exhibits can be accessed within the integrated exhibit presentation module on your HusebyConnect platform. With RingHuseby, your previously marked exhibits can be made available using Huseby FileShare.

Check out our recent HusebyConnect video highlighting more of the platform’s features.

Popular Opening Questions

Here are a few ways that attorneys are changing their approach to alleviate the concern of witness coaching or external communication, presenting exhibits, and acknowledging remote technology. Check out the video below to learn more!

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