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Create Good Attorney-Client Relationship

Establishing a good attorney-client relationship begins during the initial consultation. At the first meeting, the attorney and client must both determine whether they will be able to be effective and productive while working together. Every attorney has a different “style” and it’s important that the two personalities mesh well together. We have created a list of major components that are necessary when creating a good attorney-client relationship.

7 Major Components in Creating a Good Attorney-Client Relationship:

1. Trust – It’s the foundation of the most successful relationships for good reason. This goes for attorney-client relationships as well. Without trust successful outcomes would be much more difficult to achieve.

2. Comfort Level – With trust comes a level of comfort needed to work together successfully.

3. Manage client’s expectations – For everything from the possible outcomes of a case, to the levels of communication that you are able to provide. Managing expectations will keep a client happy.

4. Honesty – Being honest about all of the possible outcomes of a case is absolutely necessary in maintaining the trust and client’s expectations.

5. Technology – The use of social media and search engines means clients are already learning about their attorneys before meeting them. They are already doing searches on their type of case and this can lead to the client already having an opinion about how their attorney should handle the case.

6. Communication – Another relationship must-have. Clients are always happy when their attorney is easy to reach and able to answer any questions that they may have.

7. Set realistic standards – This is important to do from the beginning of the relationship. Set realistic standards for every single aspect – from the possible outcomes to the availability and communication that is able to be provided to the client.