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Let Huseby’s Experts Handle All of Your Remote Depositions

Are you having to support your own remote depositions?  Whether the deponent is local or out-of-state, Huseby’s expert technicians are there for you to ensure your remote depositions events are a success.

Hosting and supporting a remote deposition should not be left to you to figure out.  With every Huseby remote deposition, an expert technician will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have a smooth and positive experience.  All our expert remote deposition technicians are internal team members – we don’t outsource to a third-party help desk, giving you the peace of mind that your event has the right industry knowledge and expertise on the other end.  Discover the benefits of having Huseby host your next remote deposition by viewing this video.

Learn more about your remote deposition   options by Live Chatting with your local Market Manager.  Reliable deposition solutions are important to you, now more than ever before, and we are working around-the-clock to deliver “excellence in every interaction.”  Give us a call today (800) – 333 – 2082 or email

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You've Scheduled Your Remote what?

By now you have probably participated in, or at least heard of remote depositions.  Since the start of COVID-19 and our stay-at-home orders, the legal community has been forced to adapt to the changing rules limiting in-person meetings.  While it seems like restrictions may be easing the virtual medium may remain an appealing option for some, especially those where geographical distance between attorneys and the deponent is a factor.  Remote depositions may be a new form of our work, but the rules for preparation are not.  The rules of testimony do not change when it comes to a remote deposition, but there are a few additional steps that should be considered when preparing for your next remote deposition with Huseby.

Here is what you should plan on after scheduling your HusebyConnect deposition.


Self-testing is a vital part of making sure you are fully prepared for the deposition. Conducting a self-test ensures your computer can support HusebyConnect. It will only take a few minutes to complete the test and should be completed a few days before the deposition. Click here to access our self-test. It will check your internet speed, speakers, and your background noise level. View our step-by-step video here.

Your HusebyConnect Account

Setting up your HusebyConnect account is simple. First, click on the activation link in your welcome e-mail from Huseby!  Make sure flash is enabled and allowed on your browser. Next, create and confirm your new Huseby password. It really is that simple. You are now ready to log-in to your HusebyConnect account. To access your account, click here.

Electronic Exhibits

You might be wondering how and when you can pre-load your exhibits.  Don’t worry, Huseby allows you to practice pre-loading exhibits as soon as you set up your HusebyConnect account. On the day of the deposition, you can preload exhibits up to one hour before the start time.  If you need more time we’re here to help. Contact our Support Team at to request the room be opened earlier.

Logging in to the Event

To access the deposition the day of the event, login to your HusebyConnect account.  Once you’ve accessed your account, click on the event located on your calendar. Next, click join now. Start your webcam and you’re ready to go. 

Make your next remote deposition simple and successful. Choose HusebyConnect. To learn more about what to do to prepare for your remote deposition check out our 5 Steps for HusebyConnect video here.  To schedule, send us an email at or give us a call at 800-333-2082.

Have You Scheduled Your Remote June Depositions? 

A philosophy that drives the Huseby team is “empowering today’s attorneys.” That philosophy rings true all the time, but it seems to ring especially true during these uncertain times. And in the current situation you may be facing today, at Huseby we are determined to do what we can to put those words into actions. We’re here to help. That’s why we are offering HusebyConnect as our remote deposition solution. Let Huseby provide you with a first-class virtual deposition experience complete with seamless electronic exhibit presentation, real-time transcription, and live support from Huseby’s support staff. Contact us today to learn more!

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