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The MVP of Litigation Support – Realtime

Realtime – one of the most valuable players of your litigation support team. Why? Because it saves you time and money, helps you stay in control of the deposition or trial, and it’s being used to help shape litigation strategies for law firms across the world. And we have the stories to prove it – just ask.

Huseby has remained the gold standard of litigation support because we offer 21st Century solutions to unyielding situations that demand speed without sacrificing accuracy. Realtime transcriptions are invaluable. Pretty much, poof. There it is. Transcripts are at your fingertips – literally.

This technology allows you to have instant access to a live transcript feed as it is being taken down by a highly skilled, and experienced realtime reporter. You can keyword search the transcript, mark key sections for later reference, highlight and issue code text and make notes all during the event. After the deposition, you can save the draft transcript with your marks and annotations in your portal, or export locally to your computer, or to Summation, LiveNote or CaseMap. These tools are available to you whether you are sitting in the same room as the reporter, in a war room at trial, or attending a deposition from across the world.

Our support staff handles the technical details during the deposition so you can focus on your own important tasks. What is the biggest benefit of realtime?

You get realtime text streaming of what is being said by a witness. Live. This HusebyConnect feature provides counsel with the ability to privately keyword search, highlight, issue code, bookmark and make notations within the live streaming transcript. Immediately after the deposition, a draft transcript is saved in your portal, including all your notes and annotations.

Let’s dive into some of those benefits.

You can mark key words and search the testimony on the fly. Any time. 

Whether it’s an opposing counsel’s question or the witnesses answer, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quicker than ever.  HusebyConnect allows you to search the entire transcript for any keyword or phrase.  No more worrying about whether the witness gave you the answer you were looking for.  Now you know! 

Never forget what you’re trying to remember. Bookmark lines to easily reference later. 

During the testimony, click on any line of the transcript and hit the space bar. It’s as simple as that.  Clicking the space bar will add a bookmark to the left side of the line. This provides an easy way for you to reference or come back to any line in the transcript.

You can make notes on the live transcript. And even save them for later. 

Double-click any line to add a note. Once you’ve added a note in the transcript you can go back and hover over the note icon to see your note. Notes also appear in your My Annotations dropdown and can be exported during or after the deposition.

You can issue code the transcript with custom coding. Let the technology work for you.

Double-click on any line to bring up issue codes. You can preset them prior to the deposition by color coding and naming them. You can reference those Issue Codes in the My Annotations dropdown and can be exported during or after the deposition.

You can access the saved transcript immediately after the deposition. No problem. 

In your HusebyConnect account you have a case management tab. Your Case List is on the left-hand side. Any content created within those cases is on the right-hand side. That includes your saved draft realtime transcript. Your draft realtime transcript will appear here immediately following the deposition. Click the Transcript Icon to open it. Any Bookmarks, Issue Codes, or Notes that you added to the transcript during the deposition will save automatically.

You can embrace this state-of-the-art technology and help your law practice stand out above the rest. Contact us today.  

Email or call (800)-333-2082 to find out more about Huseby’s realtime services. We offer demos and plenty of support to help you organize all the case-related documents and prepare to win. Don’t leave the MVP out of the game.

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What to Expect When You’re Huseby Connecting – A Guide to Presenting Exhibits

The COVID-19 pandemic has created plenty of litigation complications. One of the larger among them is the balance attorneys must strike between actively moving cases forward while following various stay-at-home orders. For litigators, remote depositions are a great way to strike that balance, but there are a few aspects that litigators must consider before conducting these types of proceedings.

Like the telephone or computer, remote depositions allow for immediate connections to achieve numerous goals. With proper preparation, there’s no reason to worry that your remote deposition will be any less effective than the typical deposition with everyone in the same room. Because exhibit presentation is such a large aspect of depositions, we’ve put together some tips on presenting your exhibits so that you are set up for remote deposition success.

Preloading Exhibits

As you prepare your exhibits, go ahead and name the file exactly how you would like it entered on the record. Files uploaded in HC's Preloaded Document section cannot be renamed. Once you're ready to upload your exhibits, contact Huseby's Support Team ( to gain early access to the virtual meeting room. Typically, the room is opened one hour prior to the start of the deposition. However, if you need access to the room earlier, contact our Support Team and we’ll work with you to accomplish any task.

While you are loading your exhibits, you will have the option to share your exhibits. Clicking the “is shared” check box allows other counsel the ability to see the documents you have added to the preloaded documents queue. Make the “is shared” selection only if you would like the documents in your queue to be seen by others. Our system defaults to “private”, and any of those files are only seen by the individual user who uploads the files.

Presenting Exhibits

You’ve prepared for your deposition and loaded the exhibits. It’s game time. To present a new exhibit from the Preloaded Documents section, click the open icon next to the file name you wish to present. HusebyConnect offers a wide range of annotation tools for you to add text, draw, highlight, and make other annotations of the exhibit. Once you’re finished with the exhibit, you can mark the document by clicking Add Stamp and select your preferred sticker. Place the sticker on top of the exhibit and enter the exhibit number. HC defaults itself to the manual exhibit numbering system. If you would like automated number, let us know and we can update that setting at the beginning of your case.

Once the exhibit has been marked and saved, provide opposing counsel with a courtesy copy in just three simple clicks. Upload the file to the Attorney File Share pod and click save. It really is that easy.

What to Expect Presenting PDF Exhibits

How long does it take the preload, present, mark, and save a large exhibit file? Well, we did a test for you. Actually, we did three. We used a 510-page color document that’s 17.7 MB in size. In all three tests, the file took 2 minutes and 32 seconds to complete.

What about a mid-sized exhibit? Glad you asked. We used a 50-page color document that’s 6.7 MB in size. In all three tests, it took anywhere from 19 to 45 seconds to upload. Enough time to take a sip of your coffee and get ready for your next question.

Small-sized exhibit? That’s easy. Our tests ranged from 8 to 12 seconds to upload. As always, if you have any questions or need help please contact our Huseby Support Team. We’re here to help. It’s what we do.

Presenting Files Natively 

If you’re presenting a non-PDF exhibit, we can handle that too. To present files in a native format, click Stop Sharing at the top right of the exhibit presentation pod. You can either select to Share Document or Share My Screen. If you are sharing your screen, you will see a window that shows what you are currently sharing in the bottom of your screen. You can stop sharing at any time. To go back to the exhibit presentation module (your PDFs), click Recently Shared and then select “Huseby Exhibit Presentation.” HusebyConnect has a wide range of file formats that are accepted. These include .jpg, .png, .pptx, .mp3, .mp4, .zip, .flv, and .swf. If the format is widely known, we certainly can present it.

Portal Repository

With every proceeding you partner with Huseby on your files are available in our online repository. Our HusebyConnect software comes with a portal repository that houses all exhibits and transcripts related to that single case. To view or download these files, you’ll need to go to, enter your username and password, and select the Case Management tab.

Next, select the case associated with the files you are looking forward and search the files to view or download by witness name or date range.

Once you’ve selected the exhibits you are looking for you can double-click the exhibit name and click download. You can also select multiple exhibits at once and download all of those to a single zipped folder.

If you have trouble, contact us.

Exhibits Practice Module

We understand that this may be your first virtual deposition, or it may be your first HusebyConnect deposition. You want everything to go smoothly. No hiccups. That’s why we’ve created an Exhibit Practice Module. Practice preloading and presenting exhibits as you prepare for your deposition. We highly recommend clients spend some time navigating the practice module to become familiar with how to preload, present, annotate, mark, and save exhibits. Give us a call today to schedule your next HusebyConnect deposition. We’ll be happy to present a demonstration beforehand and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to working together!

(800) 333-2082

Using HusebyConnect from Your Mac

For the Mac users in our Huseby family, never fear. We’ve included you all on the fun, too. You’ll want to contact us beforehand and get instructions on how to self-test your computer. Once the test is completed, you can download Adobe Connect.  The installation process will complete in less than a minute. At that point, you’re ready to join your first HusebyConnect event. To join the HusebyConnect event, log-in by visiting Your browser will ask you to let it open the Adobe Connect app. Once you allow that, HusebyConnect will start. Yes, it really is that simple.

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