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Why Your Business Should Go Green

From the beginning days of Spring to St. Patrick’s Day, when I think of March, I think of green – So, what better month to discuss going green?

Being environmentally conscious and sustainable in 2020 is a must, and this goes for court reporting companies and law firms alike. According to, “Building a sustainable business is one of the smartest and most important things you can do in 2020.” Benefits far out way the negatives, and any negatives are short term. When a business owner looks for success, they should see sustainability as being a leading factor.

4 Major Reasons to Go Green:

1. Save Money – Energy efficiency will help you save on utility costs, reusing and recycling materials will help you save on material costs, and that is only the beginning. Initially, spending on green practices may seem expensive, but in the long run it will save you a lot of money.

2. Clear Conscience – In 2020, we have been made aware of climate change and the results of pollution. At this point, being environmentally friendly likely means something to you morally. Sleep better at night by going green.

3. Good Reputation – From customers to employees, people will be more interested in working with you because you will be seen in a more positive light overall. Going green shows that you care.

4. “Green can be a status symbol” – The idea of going green has become exciting as it spreads all over the globe. Working with eco-friendly companies has become trendy and attractive.

Many companies are trying to make a difference. When there are so many benefits involved, why not join in on the trend?