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Huseby Provides Multiple Custom Remote Deposition Platforms

If you had a “Zoom” remote deposition scheduled earlier this week – you are frustrated. The service was down throughout the day making it difficult to conduct your virtual event. Huseby’s technical staff detected issues with Zoom hours before our first event on Monday.

They quickly moved our clients to a different remote deposition platform before there was a chance for any disruption or delay. Our technicians are all Huseby team members. They have been trained across multiple virtual event platforms and they understand the features of each one. We continued business as usual monitoring the depositions until the event successfully ended for every client.

That is why with Huseby you have options. We can take care of your deposition needs - no matter the setup. If they are fully remote, in-person, or a combination of the two we make attending depositions easy.

Our team members at our local Huseby offices have all been trained on social distancing guidelines that protect everyone. Virtually, we have a team of in-house Huseby technicians ready to assist you.

If your deposition is remote we will contact each attending party and run a test with them so that each party has practiced connected to the platform. Our support team will reach out to you days before the deposition to run the test as well as discuss exhibits.

We also make your virtual conference room space available to you hours before the deposition start time. This ensures you will have plenty of time to prepare. Check out our remote deposition solutions website page. Click here.

If you prefer to conduct an in-person deposition we are ready for that, too.

We have placed signs around the office to help each guest maintain social distancing and local guidelines. Our onsite Huseby team members will guide each guest to the conference room.

Currently, our conference rooms look a little different because we are taking steps to ensure everyone’s safety during the deposition.

Learn more about your options for attending a deposition by watching this short video on our Huseby Global YouTube Page.

To find out more about HusebyConnect, check out this video on our Huseby Global YouTube page.

Huseby is ready to provide you the best experience for questioning a witness - whatever way you choose to keep your depositions on calendar. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Huseby's signature platforms, our court reporting service, our video technology, or your remote deposition options. Click here to schedule a demo today or give us a call today! (800) 333 - 2082