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Tech Related Effects of Coronavirus in Legal Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has law firms figuring out more ways to work remotely than ever before – From work-from-home apps to court reporting firms that provide the technology for remote depositions. Those who have been reluctant to embrace new technologies in the past are being forced to open their minds and use them during this time. Attorneys who have insisted on taking depositions in person are now having to use the remote deposition options – and realizing that they are a great option.

Effects of the current situation could include further technology advancements and lowered costs from cutting travel.

Apps such as HusebyConnect are proving to be useful tools for working remotely. Will attorneys continue to utilize remote tools for attending depositions when things go back to normal? Clients are saying, yes!

Always staying current with technology advancements in the legal industry, Huseby is here for all of your remote deposition needs. HusebyConnect, eDelivery, and our Web Resource Center name a few of our remote services.

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