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The Importance of Teamwork in The Legal Industry

According to the article, “Collaboration in Law Firms” (, “Collaboration occurs when knowledge workers integrate their individual expertise in order to deliver high-quality outcomes on complex issues.”

There is a significant demand for lawyers who are able to collaborate with others throughout the firm. With functional teamwork in a law firm, the “lawyers are able to address issues that none could tackle individually.”

Emphasis should be put on results, such as the quality of service being provided to clients, rather than billable hours. This way firms can increase the value of their work by working together.

According to the article, there are two trends that create a demand for lawyers who are not only technical experts in their own particular domain but also lawyers who can collaborate with others throughout the firm. The two trends mentioned are “increased specialization” and “a growing complexity in clients’ issues.” Below we have listed a few of the main benefits of collaboration within a law firm.

3 Main benefits of collaboration within a law firm:

1.     Earn higher margins.

2.     Clients are more loyal.

3.     Individual lawyers are able to charge more for the work that they do.

Lowering the boundaries that divide lawyers by their individual expertise allows for nothing but growth and potential.