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Huseby’s Steps to Ensure Accurate Remote Deposition Transcripts

Huseby Accurate Remote Deposition Transcripts

We understand the most important part of litigation support is the transcript. It’s one of the foundations of the case. Your Huseby team takes essential steps to ensure you not only have a smooth remote deposition experience, but to make certain that testimony is clearly and correctly taken down. So, what are some of those steps? Check out a few we’re highlighting below.

Unique in the Business: A Host Just for You

Your Huseby kickoff host is dedicated to ensuring all parties are seamlessly connected and that their audio and video are working properly. Once the deposition is started, we provide on-demand support from start to finish, to ensure everyone maintains a reliable connection, and that your event runs smoothly.

Clear Identification Is Key

As attendees enter the remote deposition room, the court reporter will introduce themselves and ask attendees for their names and affiliations, so the court reporter has an accurate record of appearance. This helps the court reporter in properly distinguishing speakers throughout transcript testimony.

Q&A Best Practices

The court reporter is there to get the best record they can. In a remote setting, it can be more challenging when attendees talk over each other. Laying ground rules at the beginning of your deposition can help.

“I’m going to ask you questions and if you’ll do your best to wait until I’m done asking the question before you begin answering and I will do my best to wait until you’re done answering the question before I ask my next question. That way the court reporter can take down a clear and accurate record of what everyone says.”

Interested in more details on how we help ensure an accurate remote deposition transcript? View our BRAND NEW video below!