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Ensuring You a Seamless Remote Deposition Experience

Continuing with our Reliable Technology Series, we wanted to highlight the steps Huseby takes to ensure a smooth deposition experience.

An essential part of providing reliable remote technology is ensuring you and your team have a smooth remote deposition experience. Below are highlights for what you can expect from Huseby.

Seamless Connection

After receiving the connection information in a timely manner, we help ensure a seamless connection by offering Huseby techs that monitor each event, a Remote Deposition Team that is ready on-the-fly to address any audio or visual issues, and we offer connection testing before each event to all parties.

Clear Audio

We ensure you have clear audio, and a good sound quality experience during your remote event.

Easy Exhibit Presentation

We provide you the tools to ensure you have an easy exhibit presentation experience, seamless exhibit organization and management, simple and efficient exhibit uploads, easy presentation, and even distribution of courtesy copies to the opposing counsel and court reporter. To learn more about our exhibit presentation solutions, click here.

Accurate, Quality Transcript

The quality of products and services you are providing are important to you - and we understand that. Our Quality Assurance program is part of our corporate DNA. It informs each step of each process from the client relationship team to the back office. It is in place from beginning to end.

We have a culture that believes in quality and we empower our people to be the best at what they do. Our product is of the highest quality because we have transparency into our process and train our people to serve our clients and make good decisions. To learn more about our quality assurance process, click here.

We have the highest quality court reporters and videographers ready to work across the country. Many of the court reporters you see every day have been with us for decades. They know the needs of our clients and often anticipate those needs. The result: trouble-free depositions and a high level of mutual trust and confidence from both sides.

Huseby has the most experienced, tech-savvy certified court reporters work for Huseby, Inc. Why? We trust them, we respect them, and we treat them as the professionals they are.

To learn more about what we do to ensure you have a smooth and seamless remote deposition experience, check out our new video below.

Want peace of mind of reliable remote deposition technology so you can enjoy a smooth and seamless remote deposition experience? Schedule your remote depo with Huseby today! You can Live Chat with a local Market Manager, schedule using our online form here, email us at, or call us at (800) – 333 – 2082.

We look forward to creating a last partnership with you for your litigation!

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Reliable Remote Deposition Technology

We are starting a series around our reliable remote deposition technology and giving you the essential information you need to ensure a smooth remote deposition experience. This week we’re focusing on seamless connections and clear audio.

Seamless Connection

An essential part of providing reliable remote technology is ensuring you and your team receive timely links and experience a smooth connection to your remote deposition events.

Here are the essential steps you can expect from Huseby:

  1. Remote deposition link provided as a calendar invite - sent to each attendee via the email addresses you provided to Huseby prior to your remote event.
  2. Test / prep sessions are offered for testing your device, to ensure a reliable connection.
  3. Final confirmation of the event is sent to the scheduling party via email the business day prior to the event.
  4. An automated email with remote deposition connection instructions and deposition support options is sent 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the deposition.
  5. A Huseby kick-off host joins 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, to ensure all parties are connected and that their video and audio are working properly.
  6. You will have on-demand support during your deposition, to ensure that everyone maintains a reliable connection and that your event runs smoothly.

To learn more, check out our video below, or click here and visit our webpage.

Clear Audio

Being able to clearly hear the testimony of the witness is vital. You expect seamless and reliable sound quality during your remote deposition events – and we’re here to provide that to you.

Here are the essential steps and recommendations you can expect from Huseby:

  1. Test / prep sessions are offered for testing your device, to ensure a clear audio connection.
  2. Connect your audio via telephone to ensure that you never miss key testimony, even if your internet connection momentarily drops.
  3. A Huseby kick-off host joins 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, to ensure all parties are connected and that their audio is working properly.
  4. You will have on-demand support during your deposition, to ensure that everyone maintains a reliable audio connection and that your event runs smoothly.
  5. Clear audio ensures an accurate transcript for the court reporter.

You can learn more by watching the video below, or by visiting our webpage here.

We also encourage you to schedule a practice demo when preparing for your next remote event. You can do that by clicking here, calling (800) – 333 – 2082, or by emailing We look forward to working together with you soon!

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Essential Steps to Ensure A Smooth Remote Deposition

We at Huseby are taking steps and providing you with the tools necessary for a successful deposition. One of the biggest concerns clients have had surround exhibit presentation during remote depositions. We are continuing our Reliable Technology series with our third installment this week.

Our focus this week is on the tools Huseby provides to ensure you have a smooth exhibit presentation experience while conducting remote depositions. Check out our new video below and learn more by continuing to read below.

Here are the tools Huseby provides:

  1. Remote exhibit presentation practice sessions offered to ensure you are comfortable with the process.
  2. Seamlessly organize and manage your exhibits.
  3. Simple and efficient exhibit upload.
  4. Share your electronic exhibits remotely with all parties with ease.
  5. Distribute courtesy copies to opposing counsel and the court reporter.

Huseby’s remote electronic exhibit management solutions take out the need for sending exhibits ahead of the deposition to all parties and the deponent--saving you and your team money, time, while also maintaining the element of surprise. And, we also provide technical support for anything that may arise.

We do all this with the idea of keeping you in control of your files. Some of the great features include:

  • The only tool that truly maintains the same process as paper exhibits in a virtual space.
  • Minimize or eliminate paper at depositions, with digital access to both newly presented and previously marked exhibits.
  • Can be used locally or across the world.
  • Practice mode allows you to become a pro before using the tool at your next deposition.
  • Security is essential. All data is managed, stored and replicated in real-time at one of the most secure, HIPAA-compliant, data centers in the world. All data is 256-bit encrypted in transit.
  • Easy to use. Schedule a demo today to see just how easy and intuitive the tool is to use.

Learn more by downloading the full PDF whitepaper here.

Where can you get training for exhibit presentation?

Huseby can provide you with a private demo and training session anytime. We’ll work with your schedule to ensure ample opportunity to become comfortable with presenting your exhibits, answer any questions you may have, and walk through the many features and capabilities.

You can setup your demo by calling us at (800) – 333 – 2082 or emailing us at You can also Live Chat with your local market manager instantly by going to our website

Also, be on the lookout for our next Remote Deposition Exhibit Presentation Workshop! If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest training sessions send us an email at

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