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Huseby’s Steps to Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Huseby's Steps to Ensure Accurate Transcripts

While you’re busy preparing for your deposition, know that our reporters are carefully preparing for your deposition too! Before your deposition date arrives, your Huseby team and quality court reporter take a number of important steps to ensure you receive an accurate transcript. We’ll get to those a little later.

It goes without saying that another significant element of successful litigation is having a quality court reporter who produces an accurate transcript. So, what makes a great court reporter, and how does Huseby ensure you have a quality fit between your case needs and the reporter we provide?

A “great” reporter is obviously an accurate one—clear, concise, and correct in producing transcripts. To get you the best reporter for the job, Huseby’s team utilizes a tried, true, and always innovating system.

Since 1928, three generations of Huseby family court reporters have built a national network of local resources. We’ve partnered with the same reporters for decades and as a team we have mastered the ins-and-outs of court reporting.

Using your personal preferences and their expertise, our team allocates the best reporter for your deposition and for the demands of your case. Lastly, we prioritize having one reporter for your entire case to create continuity. This way, our reporters get to know parties, terminology, client preferences, and the flow of the deposition like the back of their hands!

Now, what else do we prioritize to ensure you receive an accurate transcript? Keep reading to find out!


The notice of deposition is a valuable tool so the court reporter can provide you an accurate transcript. When providing a notice in advance, Huseby’s reporters are able to gain foresight: they are able to know whom will be present, spellings of their names, case captioning information, whom counsel represents, and so much more.


Your case may have expert terminology including complex medical and technical language. By providing your reporters a word list or past transcript ahead of time, the court reporter can build a case-specific dictionary. This is valuable for providing high-quality realtime feed.


Knowledge is power! Whether you have case- or attorney-specific requirements, we can create your standing order, which alerts the reporter to your deposition transcript needs. This knowledge gives them the power to prepare for realtime, rough drafts, and expedites.

To learn more about the details and process of how we ensure you an accurate transcript, watch our video below and contact us today! (800) 333 – 2082 or

Taylor Boysen