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Huseby Rolls Out New Transcript Tracker

Huseby Transcript Tracker

Do you ever have trouble finding out where in the production process your transcript is? Need to know quickly, so you can relate the status update to other members of your team?

With Huseby, you no longer have to wait on hold, or wait for an email response for hours or days. We've made it quick, easy, and convenient to know exactly where your transcript is in our production process.

Now live at is the all new Status Request Form, so you can easily track your transcript in our production process.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Available 24/7
  • Receive your transcript status in minutes
  • Status update available by email and/or SMS text message
  • Secure identity authentication

Check out the video below to see how to access and use Status Request Form or click here to access the form now!

To access the form on, click the "Status Request" link in the top menu bar.

Status Request Form

Should you need assistance, please contact our Support Team at or (800) 333-2082, ext. 6001.

Need to schedule a deposition or have questions? Live chat with your local market manager today by clicking here.

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Quick, Responsive, Personalized - The Huseby Way


Huseby has a team of experts who are quick and responsive, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you – litigating.

Need a last-minute deposition scheduled? Can’t find a critical video the night before trial begins? Have a question you need answered quickly? Count on Huseby to be there in a pinch.

With Huseby, our support team is always available. Reach out to us at anytime for all your litigation needs.

Check out our brand new video below and keep reading below to learn more.

For all your needs, Huseby is:


24/7 Huseby support means there is always someone you can reach out to and receive a reply quickly – so you know someone is “on it”.


Backed by years of boots-in-the-trenches experience, means our team is quick to assist and able to meet your needs swiftly.


Concierge-service means individualized, personalized, local, and hands-on. We will get you the right person for the right job, and always make sure your care is tailored to your needs.

Go with a team that will give you the highest quality care—in a responsive, quick, and personalized manner.

To learn more about our scheduling processes and the ways we make sure and get it right for you the first time, click here. Huseby – Excellence in every interaction!

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Huseby Launches Drag-N-Drop Scheduling

Drag. Drop. Done. It’s that simple with our new Drag-n-Drop Scheduling form on

Save time by skipping lengthy form fills. In 30 seconds, you can have your deposition(s) scheduled and know we’re working hard to get everything setup and the details just right for you.

With our new Drag-n-Drop form, we’ve taken the time-consuming part out of scheduling your depositions while maintaining the accuracy and attention to detail we’ve promised you.

You’ll still receive the same emailed scheduling confirmation once our calendar team receives your requestion – we’ve just added another way to schedule tailored to you!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Drag-n-Drop Scheduling form, check out the video below.

To learn more about Huseby’s reliable scheduling, visit our landing page here.

You can also schedule using the full form, calling us at (800) – 333 – 2082, emailing our calendar team at, or by chatting with your local Market Manager.

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