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Win Your Case Every Time with Huseby’s “Instant Replay”

Take your case to the endzone by taking advantage of “instant replay” in your next trial. Discover the benefits of “instant replay” and other Huseby trial support services by reading below.

Huseby provides full-service support throughout the lifecycle of your trial with consultants that bring years of courtroom experience to your team. From the war room to the courtroom, with our assistance, your team can focus on strategy rather than how to present and display exhibits and video in court.

Our trial consultants will help ensure your case is well-organized, your exhibits, videos, and graphics are presentation ready, and you are well-equipped technologically in the courtroom. To learn more and see our brand new PDF, click here.


Captivate the jury with striking visuals that help illustrate and tell your story. We understand the importance of effectively communicating details and information in the courtroom. A growing percentage of the national jury pool is made up of younger "Generation X" and "Generation Y" jurors who are accustomed to learning visually. Our trial consultants will help ensure your case is well-organized, your exhibits, videos and graphics are presentation ready, and you are well-equipped technologically in the courtroom. Some of the features include:

  • Presenting exhibits in a side-by-side comparison
  • Playing a witness's video deposition with or without scrolling transcript text
  • Displaying a section of the transcript to emphasize contradictory deposition testimony
  • Generate designation reports and video clips for the court
  • Redact sections of transcripts and exhibits
  • Locate exhibits in seconds from trial workbooks


Huseby provides a comprehensive suite of document management services to make sure you are trial ready. Huseby Trial Services offers document imaging of virtually any type of document, including film and x-rays. Digitized documents can then be made keyword searchable using optical character recognition and stored securely in a repository for access by the trial team 24/7 from any device. The case repository is key word and key phrase searchable.


In today's multimedia culture, an effective digital presentation is a huge advantage in trial. Digital trial presentation will greatly enhance the ability of the judge and jury to visualize your story. Huseby Trial Services can transform your ideas into graphics including animation, charts, timelines, and PowerPoint presentations.

Our graphics professionals will consult with you and present options and ideas to help you visually present your case. Ask us about interactive 3-D animation. Our services include:

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Illustrations
  • 3-D and Flash Animation
  • PowerPoint Presentations


Video is a useful, strategic tool for your case preparation and presentation. Our video presentation technology allows for a more powerful and persuasive presentation. Only through video can you communicate non-verbal information, such as tone of voice, volume, and body language.

The transcript is synchronized with the video and exhibits are hyperlinked for quick reference. Clips can easily be created and emailed or exported to your desktop, Summation, TrialDirector or directly into PowerPoint for an opening or closing statement. Creation of a clip library allows you to manage clips for trial and export multiple clips, or multi-segment clips at one-time. Video-transcript synchs are provided in LEF, SBF and/or XMEF formats for your convenience.


Courtroom Technology

Many modern courtrooms are equipped for electronic presentations. When a courtroom does not have any modern automation Huseby will make sure you have the technology available necessary to present your case. The basic technology in a Huseby Trial Services courtroom includes a laptop, backup laptop, projector, projection screen, switches and external speakers. Flat panel screens and any additional technology, including SmartBoards and ELMOs, can be added to meet a client's needs.

Prior to trial Huseby will visit, test and create a full courtroom schematic to diagram the best possible layout and illustrate the relationship between components. Services include:

  • Confirming the current technology in the courtroom, including internet capabilities
  • Confirming the technology being installed meets with the court's approval and conforms with the court's pre-trial specifications
  • Scheduling equipment set-up and tear-down with you and court officials

War Room Technology

A successful war room is critical to your case. Huseby technicians will provide the tools and technology your team needs to manage your trial. We can:

  • Install mock trial technology similar to what will be available in the courtroom, including ancillary equipment such as laptops, scanners, copiers and printers
  • Provide a live video and transcript text feed directly from the courtroom, including a private chatroom with counsel in the courtroom
  • Gather exhibits and rehearse with the trial team before and after each day's session

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