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Your #1 Remote Deposition Toolkit

Navigating remote depositions – the planning, the preparation, the practice – can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, you might even be unsure of where to start. That is where we can help!

From scheduling, to attending a deposition using your preferred remote deposition platform, to receiving your transcript, exhibits and video electronically – we’ve got you covered.

Never worry again about your next remote deposition. Use your Huseby Toolkit for - everything - touchless remote depositions.

Online Scheduling

Huseby provides easy scheduling anywhere in the U.S. using your preferred scheduling method: email, live chat, online scheduler, or phone.

Your team of Huseby expert schedulers across all time zones specialize in not only securing top-level court reporters, videographers, and interpreters, but also first-class conference room suites and setting up web conferencing capabilities – in-person or remote, we’ve got you covered!

Remote Depositions

Experience a truly touchless deposition using Huseby's signature remote deposition platforms, HusebyConnect and RingHuseby. For hands-off connection, and hands-on service, your remote depositions are easy with Huseby.

Exhibit Presentation

Discover fully remote exhibit presentation and management using Huseby FileShare. Huseby FileShare provides you the ability to electronically hand participants in the virtual deposition room a downloadable copy of a file as it is being presented on the screen.

FileShare allows you to seamlessly manage exhibits at each deposition electronically and display on-screen in real-time. Features include:

  • Access to previously marked exhibits
  • Set file retention policies
  • Add team notes
  • Utilize file versioning (pre-deposition preparation)
  • Receive chain of custody notifications

Electronic Delivery

Experience simple, fast and secure electronic case file delivery with Huseby eDelivery.

All transcripts and exhibits are delivered to your email, at the same time, in your preferred formats, and no matter the file size. Your transcripts and exhibits are encrypted both when stored and in transit. Huseby eDelivery can also further encrypt your email delivery so only your firm can open the files. You can also access your files anytime, anywhere through your Web Resource Center by visiting

Need to schedule your next deposition or have questions? Give us a call at (800) 333 – 2082, or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

Taylor Boysen