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Huseby Tailors Your Deposition to Fit Your Needs

Starting your deposition on time is important to you, which means it’s important to us. We understand there are many reasons why it’s imperative that every measure is taken to ensure that your deposition begins on time.

Your deposition and case schedule, requirements for each deposition, and your working style are as unique as you. That’s why we make certain to tailor your deposition experience to fit your needs and preferences.

You may have back-to-back depositions scheduled that day. With Huseby, you can maintain you focus and speed without the risk of delays or technological slowdowns.

Deponents might be hired experts or there might be federal or state time limitations. Of course, you or another party in the deposition might have an outside commitment outside of the deposition.

Rather your deposition is in person, remote, or a combination of the two Huseby takes every essential step to ensure you start right on time.

Like a finely tailored suit, we go beyond the basics. Here are just a few ways to ensure the best deposition experience:

  • Receive all links (web conference/exhibit file share/etc.) in advance of the deposition.
  • Conference room location is set-up to your specifications.
  • Conference room opens 30-60 minutes before start time.
  • Huseby kickoff host will open the web conference room 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • Huseby kickoff host will ensure that all parties are successfully connected.

Skip the worries of an off-the-rack deposition—let Huseby handle timing and more. To check out our brand new video, click below.

Schedule your next deposition with Huseby today tailored to you and start right on time! (800) – 333 – 2082 or

Taylor Boysen