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Huseby Provides Timely Transcript Delivery

We know the key to delivering outstanding client services comes down to the quality of our people. We recruit and retain the very best court reporters, client service personnel and account managers, ensuring that you will be working with high-quality people you can trust to exceed your expectations every time.

Using our best-in-class process, Huseby's highly-experienced court reporters pair with our equally-experienced home office staff, ensuring a timely delivery of your transcripts. Our polished system of processing transcripts has been designed, honed, and sharpened over decades of practice to ensure that your transcripts are timely, just the way you need them.

When transcripts come to us from our reporters, Huseby's production team has an efficient process and dedicated people working on your individual transcripts to turn them around quickly. We call this process our Quality Assurance check and its part of our DNA.

This QA mentality informs each step of each process from the client relationship team to the back office. It is in place from beginning to end. We have a culture that believes in quality and we empower our people to be the best at what they do.

Our product is of the highest quality because we have transparency into our process and train our people to serve our clients and make good decisions. With Huseby eDelivery and your individual Web Resource Center account, you can expect to receive your transcripts and exhibits delivered together—right on time.

Learn more about how Huseby's concierge-level support network can give you the best possible transcript—quickly and easily—by viewing our new video below.

Contact our experts or live chat with your local market manager for scheduling your deposition, a demo, or to get more information on our quality assurance solutions. You can also call us at (800) 333 – 2082 or email us at