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Harness the Power of Video for Your Litigation with Huseby

You’ve likely heard the adage: “93% of communication is non-verbal.” So, when it comes to your deposition, trial preparation, and more—a transcript or audio recording can’t always tell the full story.

Most people learn by what they see and hear—not simply by what they hear. Present your winning case with powerful and persuasive video—an important strategic tool that goes beyond your deposition and into the court room! Use Video to:

Capture Non-verbals

  • Video captures the witness as a real person, painting for the jury a full picture. This includes facial expressions, emotions, mannerisms, tones, even physical pain—revealed in a way that a paper transcript simply never could.
  • Non-verbals—which are crucial to assessing a person as an excellent or poor witness—compliment their spoken testimony during argument construction. Use video to reveal the true nature of the testimony you seek!
  • Does the witness have revealing tells? Nervous tics? Are they consistent with their testimony, or are there opportunities for impeachment?
  • Or perhaps your client has endured devastating hardship—and you want to reveal the sympathetic nature of their story. This is your opportunity to capture their pathos—the emotional value of your client’s experiences.

Tell Your Client’s Story

  • Being able to hear and see the witness give their testimony presents a compelling story.
  • Challenge the credibility of a witness or build the credibility of your expert by ensuring that tone, inflection, and mannerisms are conveyed to the jury.
  • Memorialize your client’s story through compelling video, for use in settlement negotiations, opening and closing statements, and trial testimony.

Expert Tips: Using Your Video!

  • Preserve testimony of witnesses who cannot be present at trial.
  • Add clips directly into a PowerPoint presentation for powerful opening and closing statements.
  • Use Huseby software to edit clips on-the-fly to impeach a witness.

Whether you seek to build legitimacy or impeach a witness—video provides additional tools to do so. Contact Huseby today to bring your case to life through video!