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Huseby’s Exhibit Tools Give You the Edge in Remote Depositions

In HusebyConnect 2.0, we’ve built in intuitive exhibit tools to give you the edge when presenting, sharing, and collaborating with exhibits during your virtual deposition. Here’s how you can take advantage of those tools in your next remote deposition. Check ‘em out below!

Using the Download Tool

Users have multiple options for downloading files through HusebyConnect 2.0.

  • Pre-deposition, download files locally from your Manage Exhibits Module.
  • During the deposition, attendees can download a courtesy copy of the presented exhibit.
  • Post-deposition, download the final exhibits from your Repository.

Expert Tip: During exhibit presentation, when a presented exhibit is downloaded, the exhibit file will open in a new browser window. This allows the deponent to detach the browser tab and move the tab to another screen—allowing them to simultaneously view the participant’s videos and downloaded documents. With this view, the deponent can also zoom in independently on key or hard to see areas of a document.

Sharing and Collaborating

The Share feature in HusebyConnect 2.0 allows you to select files to send an email to recipients with a secure link.

  • Pre-deposition prep: Using the Share feature, collaborate with colleagues by sending your populated and organized folder(s) of documents.
  • Courtesy copies: The Share feature allows you to provide courtesy copies to recipients.

Expert Tip: Shared files are sent as a secure link embedded in the body of the email and not as an attachment—so there is no limit on file size, and emails will not get flagged or caught in spam filters.

Click here to learn more about HusebyConnect 2.0 and all it has to offer via our Quick G

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HusebyConnect 2.0 Empowering Today's Litigators

HusebyConnect 2.0 has just launched, and clients are discovering how the platform is empowering them during their remote depositions.

We’ve built in intuitive exhibit tools to help your deposition workflow run more smoothly than ever before! We’ll be running a blog series regarding all the user-friendly navigation and zoom features for presenting exhibits virtually—here are some highlights.


Preview your exhibits in one step! Simply click the name of the file, and a preview of it will populate in the preview window on the right side of your screen. In the preview window, you can:

  • Scroll through the exhibit, or jump to individual pages
  • View in single- or double-page view
  • Zoom in and out
  • Download your previewed document

*Expert Tip: Within Preview, you can use the Share button to share exhibit(s) or folder(s) securely. One click sends a secure email link to your recipients!

Select and Launch

Once you’ve previewed your exhibit, it’s time to select an exhibit and launch in Presentation mode! Here, you can:

  • Bookmark key exhibits
  • Drag-n-drop last-minute exhibits on the fly
  • Edit the exhibit name
  • Click to launch in Live Presentation mode!

Download the HusebyConnect 2.0 Reference Guide to learn more about the virtual platform.

Navigation Options

  • Navigate in thumbnail view
  • Type a page number to jump between pages
  • Transition pages in continuous or page-by-page views
  • Rotate pages clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Switch between single page or double-page view

Zoom Options

  • Zoom to a percentage size
  • Select a section of a document to zoom
  • Fit the document to the width of the screen
  • Fit the document to the size of the page

View a short video here or download the full whitepaper (PDF) here.

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