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Schedule Your November Depositions with Huseby Today

November Depositions

As we enter November—closing in on the holiday season—we know you are vigorously organizing your deposition calendar for the remainder of 2022.

We are here to help, both locally and across the country! Whether your parties prefer to meet in-person or remotely—we do whatever it takes to accommodate everyone's needs, and get your events scheduled with ease.

We make scheduling stress-free.

Drag-n-drop your notice, make changes anytime leading up to your event, and if you need to move the date or cancel (up to the day before), there’s no charge to make changes.

What can we get on calendar for you?

Click here to drag and drop your notice in one easy step.

Give us a call at 800 - 333 -2082 or email us at


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Huseby Launches Drag-N-Drop Scheduling

Drag. Drop. Done. It’s that simple with our new Drag-n-Drop Scheduling form on

Save time by skipping lengthy form fills. In 30 seconds, you can have your deposition(s) scheduled and know we’re working hard to get everything setup and the details just right for you.

With our new Drag-n-Drop form, we’ve taken the time-consuming part out of scheduling your depositions while maintaining the accuracy and attention to detail we’ve promised you.

You’ll still receive the same emailed scheduling confirmation once our calendar team receives your requestion – we’ve just added another way to schedule tailored to you!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use the Drag-n-Drop Scheduling form, check out the video below.

To learn more about Huseby’s reliable scheduling, visit our landing page here.

You can also schedule using the full form, calling us at (800) – 333 – 2082, emailing our calendar team at, or by chatting with your local Market Manager.

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Easily Schedule Your Next Deposition with Huseby

We’ve all been there before. You’ve worked all day, marking things off your to-do list and right before you’re ready to go home you realize you’ve forgotten something – to schedule that deposition with your go-to court reporting firm. But you don’t have to worry, your Huseby team of expert schedulers are ready to help!

Huseby provides easy scheduling anywhere in the U.S. using your preferred scheduling method: email, live chat, online scheduler, or phone.

Your team of Huseby expert schedulers across all time zones specializes in not only securing top-level court reporters, videographers, and interpreters, but also first-class conference room suites and setting up web conferencing capabilities – in-person or remote, we’ve got you covered.

It’s never been easier to schedule with Huseby than now. Check out the different ways to schedule with us below, and watch our brand new video below.

Call Us

Speak directly to your local scheduler and provide all of the details over the phone. We’ll go over every detail with you and make sure everything is setup and ready to go the day of the deposition. Call us today! (800) - 333 - 2082.

Email Us

Send your notice and all other important details to We’ll respond with a formal confirmation of scheduling. Be sure and look over the details to make sure everything is accurate and no detail, no matter how small, was missed.


Visit our website for one-step scheduling. Simply drag and drop your notice into our scheduling form located on the home page or click here to go directly to our scheduling page. Fill out the form and press submit. You can expect a confirmation email within the hour. It really is that simple!

Live Chat

Join on Live Chat, found on our website, to chat directly with your local Market Manager. You can provide the details as requested and even send the notice to them.

No company makes scheduling easier, more convenient, or faster than Huseby. Do you count on reliable communication, quick responsiveness, and attention to detail? Then schedule with Huseby.

We make scheduling your depositions, trials, arbitrations, and hearings easy.

For more helpful tips & insights on remote depositions, visit your Remote Deposition Resource Library at or The Huseby Journal at

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