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The Huseby Journal

Huseby's Most Viewed Resources of 2022

Throughout 2022, we developed how-to and informative landing pages: with whitepapers, videos, and guides to help you and your team conduct seamless remote and in-person depositions, and prepare for and present your case at trial. This week we are looking back at the resources our clients have viewed most.

Top 10 Most Viewed Resources of 2022:

1. Enhance Exhibit Presentation with a Hotseater

2. Demonstratives Series: Construction Animation

3. Demonstratives Series: Interactive Timelines

4. Deposition Hotseater: Bringing Trial Presentation to Your Deposition

5. Demonstratives Series: Medical Animation

6. Demonstratives Series: Patent Animation

7. HusebyConnect Tiles: Remote Application Customization

8. Your Huseby Digital Bankers Box

9. Picture-in-Picture with a Hotseater

10. Scrambling Last-Minute to Prepare Your Exhibits?

Click the links above to learn more and to see what makes these resources so popular!