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Courtroom Scenes in Movies

​The popularity of a good courtroom scene comes to know surprise, because they have it all – suspense, mystery, relief, shock, justice, all equaling… overall drama (which we know is the whole point of a good movie).

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Brittany Clarke

Trends in the Legal Industry: Using Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are an affordable way to not only interact with clients, but also to build a law firm’s brand awareness and keep up with competitors and current trends.

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What Does a Court Reporter’s Salary Look Like?

The national shortage of court reporters has caused the NCRA and other organizations to spread awareness of this flexible and profitable career opportunity. Even so, many are still unaware of the actual salary possibilities.

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Trends in the Legal Industry: Demand for Better Service Models

Regarding law firms and court reporting firms alike, clients are expecting a better and more modern experience. Digital transactions and file sharing are only the beginning. The way that we directly deal with clients is ever evolving.

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Law Firm Marketing and Online Presence

​In 2019, having a successful marketing campaign for your law firm relies heavily on having a strong online presence.

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