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When it comes to technology, are courtrooms 'ignorant to the demands of the present?'

Grandjean shorthand machine, 1923. Photo by Rama via Wikimedia Commons.

Has technology outpaced the legal system’s rules?

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Views mixed on Wisconsin computer game-playing court reporter

Screenshot of Freecell Solitaire game, the game a Wisconsin court reporter was seen playing in the courtroom. Via WIkimedia Commons.

“I don't tell you how to do your job, and you don't tell me how to do mine.”

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Huseby affirms client relationships are business relationships and certain lines must not be crossed

'The practice of providing incentive gifts to attorneys, clients, or representatives of clients dilutes the integrity of the legal profession as well as the status of the court reporter as a neutral and impartial officer of the court.'

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Court stenographers in demand and in the news in Ohio, Washington, New York

See what Huseby's court reporting services include.

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Huseby ranks high on list of best court reporting blogs

Huseby ranked No. 5.

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