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June 2024 Newsletter Edition

What's New in Technology


There are still a few timezone-related issues that we’re tracking down as top priority. It’s one of those things where it refuses to misbehave when we’re recording a session—but we’re going to stay on it and get it fixed. We’re “this close” to having it done! In spite of the time we had to spend on it, we’ve been able to roll out quite a few fixes and enhancements. We’ve got several more interesting projects underway that will be coming out over the next month or so. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop and give your team leaders what they need so they can help you take advantage of these improvements. We’ve completed some major milestones for getting cost of goods sold (COGS) pushed from Salesforce into NetSuite on a near-real-time basis, including line-item detail and plan to have it in full production in the next couple weeks. 

See the next story below for a summary of the key items we’ve put into production!


We’re still working with Zoom on a beta for them to improve the performance issues their toolkit currently has. In addition to that, we’ve got work in progress to move HusebyConnect from ShareFile to the OneDrive our teams have been using. We’ve also got work underway to automatically push updates to remote event information (e.g. attendees, date/time changes) from Salesforce to HusebyConnect so that the rooms and links can be automatically updated and then pushed back to Salesforce. Those initiatives will reduce the amount of time we’re having to spend on handling remote events, and will reduce errors—which improves our relationships with our customers and resources. Stay tuned for getting those into production—they are priority projects for us!


We completed our annual third-party security vulnerability/penetration testing for both Huseby legacy and DEG. The DEG team just had 1 “information only” finding (great job, team!), and Huseby legacy had a small handful of medium findings that were all corrected via simple HusebyConnect configuration file changes. We continued our schedule of replacing older computers and laptops, and we’re upgrading wifi access points in the Charlotte office to improve network performance—that will be done before the end of June.

New Teams Training Channel is LIVE!!!!

Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of our amazing team, the new Teams Channel is up and running!! As previously mentioned, the Teams Channel is a single place to get information on all departments in Huseby. We have compiled ALL relevant information from all our current sources (Huseby website, SharePoint, Huseby Playbook, etc.) and made everything accessible through the training channel. Here is a sampling of the information that is NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

  • Kudos – please use this page to give Kudos to your favorite Huseby folks!
  • Emergency Protocol –where you go to better understand the EMERGENCY processes of each department
  • Huseby Playbook - links to all training, team members, and important relevant updates for all departments
  • LAT Channel – detailed information on each LAT (Links to meetings, LAT members, Contact information etc.)
    • A subfolder for TOP REPORTERS in LAT – with contact information
    • A subfolder for TOP CLIENTS in each LAT

A huge thank you to the team that helped put this together!

Doug Yarborough, Robin Needle, Glenn Miller, Andrea Lightburn, Ryan Lamar, Jill Boroski, Stephani Burger, Elsa Estopian, Alex Gomez, Ankur Patel, Jory Cass, Lauren Ladenheim, Ashley Hensley and Stephanie Cole.

    What's New in Operations

    Production Update: Last month (May) we shipped 2307 jobs. That includes 344 Expedites.

    Elizabeth Moore lead all production people with 304 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!!

    Quality update: May had 49 redo work orders out of 2307 shipped or 2.1% of what we shipped. Many of the redo requirements where from client requests that perhaps should have been on an errata. The below are the issues we need to improve on.

    35 reporter transcript issues.

    7 Late filed exhibits.

    4 production mistakes.

    Case Management: Notable cases in the month

    In re: McBride Fire Consolidated Litigation – 10 depos on calendar for the month of June.

    In the Matter of Certain Disposable Vaporizer Devices and Components still going strong with depos set out into July.

    Christopher Roberts, et al. v. Publix Super Markets, Inc. still going strong as well with 5 more depos set in June.

    Patricia Arwood, et al. vs. Georgia Power Company, a case Huseby has been covering for years, continues as well with 7 more depos set in June and into July.

    Hulu LLC et al. vs. Epix Entertainment LLC Arbitration Another nice case from Mark Poelzer with realtime, roughs & expedited finals, 5 hearing dates on calendar in June and into July

    Lucinda Jackson, et al. vs Fandom Inc. Robin Barca added 3 nice depos to June’s calendar with realtime & roughs

    LAT Notes:

    Mid-Atlantic team worked together to process an order with 472 late-filed exhibits, that were specifically requested to be linked. They had to re-label, sicker and link them for 5 days of the Arbitration. In the end the clients’ expectations were met and they were pleased.


    Assisting Chase with production by producing transcripts

    Email management system has lowered our clients service time by 38% since April.

    Team Huseby - Great work was done by all departments in Teams to provide company information including access to Kudos, FAQs, Emergency information, and Huseby playbook where you can find the answer to how should we do what we do.


    New to Salesforce

    Here’s a summary of the key items we’ve put into Salesforce production this past month.


    New Functionality


    Page counts for digital jobs were being entered under the reporter witness intake but not under the transcriptionist. That made it difficult to pay our resources accurately

    Process change to enter transcription costs as payments

    Eliminated missed/duplicate payments, reduced effort required by Billing team

    Duplicate issues reported, lack of follow-up, no visibility to status

    Salesforce Issue Reporting/Tracking

    Uses Salesforce to record issues, assign tasks to people with due dates, report status, and identify trends to be addressed

    Reporters had questions and concerns about upcoming payments, needed detailed payroll statements. Support and Billing were spending a lot of time addressing.

    Automatic payroll statement generation and distribution

    Reporters automatically get payroll details, improving our relationship. Gave back significant time to Support and Billing

    Key customers require invoices to be submitted using LEDES. Building the file by hand was time-consuming and delayed invoicing

    LEDES File format and content updates

    Generate LEDES files for submission with significantly less effort

    Clients did not have access to files associated with other contacts unless we went into every order and manually shared files.

    File Sharing Grant/Have Access

    Clients can share files with other contacts, improves our client service. Reduces amount of time/effort Production and Support spent on this.

    Scheduling team has many factors to consider when assigning a resource to a job—takes a lot of time and details aren’t always obvious. Jobs that could have been assigned to our Digital Reporter team weren’t being assigned, some that could have gone to VIP reporters or reporters who had worked with a case/client were given to others.

    Auto-Recommend Resources

    Uses ranking criteria to recommend best matches for an event. Helps Scheduling find best matches more quickly. Enables better use of our Digital Reporter team (improving company financial performance) while giving us tools to help us take care of our VIP resource partners.

    Jobs that span multiple days or that are the same except for a few details had to be completely re-entered. Takes a lot of time, lots of opportunities for errors

    Order Cloning

    Orders can be cloned from other orders, saving time and eliminating errors/missed details caused by re-entering from scratch

    Some jobs require special handling based on job types/filing requirements. Missing those caused redo and error corrections, and missed opportunities to use Digital team.

    Capture Special Filing Requirements, Bench/Jury Trials

    Production team can quickly see/find jobs flagged with special requirements, eliminate rework. Digital Reporter team can quickly find jobs that would be a good match for our trial kits, improving profitability.

    Copy-only customers may have only a few invoices over a longer period. Our largely-manual process meant that we didn’t focus on collecting them, so we were missing getting payments in the door.

    Copy-Only Invoice Reminders

    The Copy-Only Invoice report enabled us to set up reminders to go out automatically. Our collection time has decreased on those, improving our cash flow and reducing costs associated with carrying those balances.

    Our DEG video team couldn’t easily aggregate jobs with videographers to allow them to be organized by true “Due Date”. That made it difficult for us to know the date the final transcript was due so that we could have the videos ready by then.

    DEG Video Process Workbook

    An automatically-generated workbook gives the DEG team the ability to organize and prioritize video work by its true due date. That allows them to organize their workload and make sure we deliver to customers on time.


      Welcome Charlotte to the Team!

      Charlotte LaCroix is our newest sales rep in Tennessee.  Here is a little more about Charlotte...

      Charlotte grew up in Thompsons Station, TN, and now resides in the trendy East End neighborhood of Nashville, TN. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, birdwatching, and spending time with her boyfriend, Will, and her exotic shorthair cat, Poutine. She has worked in the court reporting industry for 4 years as a scheduling coordinator and office manager and is excited to join Huseby as a sales rep.

      Welcome to the team Charlotte!

      NCAJ Conference

      Lauren Ladenheim and Rob Nealey represented Huseby well at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice Conference June 12-15th. 

      CGLA Annual Toast for Justice

      Karyn Polak attended the Annual Toast for Justice, an event hosted by the Cabrini Green Legal Aid which supports low income individuals negatively impacted by the criminal legal system. A beautiful evening!

      What's New in Sales

      Top Performing Sales Reps

      Here are the top performing reps across the country for May.

      Sales Rep % of Goal
      Lauren Ladenheim 170%

      Lauren Shaw


      Robin Barca

      Amber Cantero 151%
      Mauricio Haro 134%

      Lauren Moulton


      Mark Poelzer


      Jimmy Singh


      David Lew


      Johnny Bateman


      Jessica Hutto


      Diana Hayhurst


      Sarah Lawhead


      Megan Eissler


      Cindy Lengkong


      $200k Club

      Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

      Lauren Ladenheim


      Lauren Shaw


      Jessica Hutto


      $100k Club

      Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
      Cindy Lengkong$148,566

      Debra Neiderfer

      Robin Barca $135,248
      Mark Poelzer $103,518
      Johnny Bateman$101,449

      Anastacia Carroll


      DEG Cross Sell Club

      Here are the reps across the country cross selling DEG trial services.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit

      Karen Byars


      Jessica Hutto


      Anastacia Carroll


      Julie Long


      What's New in HR/Admin

      Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

      David Jacobs (Sales - NE/Central)

      Charlotte LaCroix (Sales - Mid-South)

      Eboni Richardson (Digital - Mid-South)

      Jacob Sarver (Special Services - Mid-South)

      Whitney Stofel (Digital - Mid-South)


      Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

      Rexx Alistairre (Scheduling)

      Andre Barney (Production)

      Corinne Cardona (Scheduling)

      Amanda Harrell (DEG)

      Natasha Stradford (Credit)

      What's New in LAT's


      Overall, the LAT’s workload has been steady. Everyone has been working together as a team to get stronger with an emphasis on resolving persistent issues and communicating more effectively. It is awesome to watch the LAT grow holistically.

      Mid South:

      This team has been rocking and rolling as of late and when pressed, battles through any challenges they face. They have been outstanding with communication and effective execution across the LAT. Always a pleasure to watch this LAT continue to produce strong results.

      Mid Atlantic:

      This LAT is the “well-oiled machine” right now with every department running smoothly. We have great communication and excellent execution throughout the LAT. Their confidence in each another and the pure dedication to our clients is exactly what a great LAT looks like.


      This LAT has had a few more shifts with personnel, but the core group continues to roll with it. The team is getting better with responses and customer care each month. With a decline in issues, increased use of our Digital Team and a positive shift in overall health of the market the team is gaining traction and fundamentally getting stronger with client support.


      The Northeast/Central LAT is starting to hit on all cylinders. The Sales Team is gaining more traction and getting closer to hitting goal each month. Operationally, the Calendar, Production, Support, Billing and AR are very strong as well in which makes life a whole lot easier for client facing employees. The clients have also been very pleased with the overall staff in the market. Through many conversations with clients and reporters the overall beat of the market has Certainly shifted to the positive. The team gets high marks for interacting promptly and professionally here and the clients have been thrilled with this!


      What's New in the Digital Team

      Key Takeaways:

      1) Covered 656 digital reporting jobs in the month of May, totaling over 30,000 pages

      2) Finalized training for the three new members of the team: Hailey Grossman (TN), Whitney Stoffel (TN), and Eboni Richardson (GA)

      3) Addition of microphone to in-person deposition setup to capture more than 4 participants at an optimal quality

      4) Completion of training for all team members to utilize OnCue for hotseating requests

      5) Trained 3 team members to assist in the transcription department to get ahead of increased volume

      On The Horizon:

      1) Fulfilling the objective of covering more jury trials across the US. More trial equipment deployments to be put in place to be able to cover additional states that are without trial kits

      2) Reports created to be able to increase efficiency of Digital usage across the US

      3) Huseby Rewards Program to be introduced to the team to incentivize higher page counts by rewarding those members of the team who are achieving/exceeding their page count goals

      4) Research for Digital real-time solutions to close the gap on jobs that require a real-time stenographer, allowing a Digital reporter to also be able to provide the same level of quality


        Jessica Urrutia

        Shoutout to Jessica for always being there to support your teammates, no matter what it is. Whether it's lending a helping hand or giving crucial advice to set us up for success, we know you'll be there, and your support means the world to us all!

        Craig Ellingson

        Craig represented Huseby at the ALAJ conference which was a huge success. Upon returning from the conference, Craig was asked to jump on early the next morning to assist with a video recording that was requested and was able to edit the content exactly how the client wanted it. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to providing "Excellence in Every Interaction".

        Brittany Belford

        Has consistently gone above and beyond by graciously allowing trainees to shadow her during various jobs assignments. Her willingness to assist without hesitation is truly commendable. She is also known for her prompt response times, which is greatly appreciated.

        Olivia Grisch

        Kudos for consistently being a valuable resource when it comes to allowing others to shadow her. Her willingness to cooperate and participate is always exceptional, always giving her maximum effort. Thank you, Olivia, for your ongoing support and dedication!

          Kudos image

          Bob Brueno put in a Kudos for Karyn Polak

          Great comment from a client!

          From: Ashley Pileika 

          Subject: Re: Mario Aguilar deposition - following up

          Hi Karyn, everything went swimmingly well! Thank you for your continued help/it has been a HUGE relief to know that you and your team are on top of any and all issues. Truly, you have been so responsive and flexible re changing depositions, I have meant to thank you for this. These are tough cases, so it is such a relief to know we can rely on you and Huseby.


          Darren Wolf PC

          Stephani Burger put in a Kudos for Lisa Panella

          From: Marie Britt 
          To: Stephani Burger 
          Subject: RE: Palm Beach CMCs Before Judge Curley

          Hello Stephani. Likewise. Makes my day when I hear from you.  Your team has been taking great care of us.

          Thank you very much!


          King & Spalding

          Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Debra Neiderfer

          From: Andrew K. Glenn 
          To: All Attorneys 
          Subject: Depositions/Court Reporters

          This is a reminder that our firm should use Debra Neiderfer of Digital Evidence Group for all depositions that we schedule.

          We have known her for many years, and she, like us, is part of a start-up and we want to do everything possible to support her. Her group did a phenomenal job for us in Robertshaw.

          Thanks for your cooperation.

          Andrew K. Glenn

          Managing Partner

          Glenn Agre Bergman & Fuentes

          Cindy Lengkong put in a Kudos for Alexia Francis, Alex Gomez and the West Calendar Team

          Mark, Scott, Kyle and Brad,

          I have to give a huge KUDOS to Lexi! As well as Alex and her team (our west calendar team) for working with me synergistically to provide unparalleled and rapid responses to Shegerian & Associates.

          I lost this big employment lit firm 3 years ago (please see Rosanna’s email below) after working so hard to win them over from Barkley’s. We failed to provide them with the level of Huseby service at the time and they sadly let us go!

          For the last 3 years, I took late night texts and calls for last minute interpreters or conference rooms ONLY! And today, they finally turned that corner and booked 7 depositions with us!!!! 😊

          I do believe this is due to our strong calendar team members and Lexi most recently taking on their requests with grace and ease! Proof that teamwork makes the dream work.

          Thank you team!!

          Karen Byars put in a Kudos for Amanda Potter

          I wanted to give a huge shout out to Amanda Potter and give her lots of love & kudos for always doing a great job getting our clients taken care of. She just finished a monster request from one of my clients and they were so impressed with her responsiveness and how quickly she got the job done.

          Thank you, Amanda!!!

          Shantee Chappell put in a Kudos for Yosaris Marti and the Mid-Atlantic Team


          And Yosaris Marti, for banding together and processing almost 400 exhs for one depo.


          Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for DEG Case Managers

          From: Cookenboo, Frances 
          To: Debra Neiderfer 
          Subject: RE: Checking in

          Hi Debra,

          I got a lot of very VERY positive feedback – the attorneys thought the court reporter was terrific and everything went very smoothly. Thanks so much for arranging that for us. The attorneys will definitely request that reporter again, and use your service again.

          Frances Cookenboo  | Practice Group Assistant | Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, PC

          David Lew put in a Kudos for Team Huseby

          I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service I received from Huseby Court Reporting Services. I was in a bind, needing an in-person court reporter and interpreter on short notice, and Huseby Court Reporting Services came through in a big way, setting everything up for me with no issues whatsoever.

          From the moment I reached out to them, I was impressed. They were prompt, courteous, and professional. When they assured me that they could meet my urgent needs, I was relieved and grateful.

          The court reporter and interpreter they sent were both highly skilled and professional, and I was impressed with the seamless execution of their services.

          I am so thankful to Huseby Court Reporting Services for going above and beyond to help me in my time of need! I will be using them again in the future, and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs their services.

          In short, if you need reliable, high-quality court reporting services with minimal notice, look no further than Huseby Court Reporting Services


          Zbinden & Curtis

          Portland, OR

          Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for the DEG Team

          From: Molly Babad
          To: Debra Neiderfer 
          Subject: RE: Robertshaw Court Reporting

          Hi Debra,

          I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at DEG for all your help over the past few months! Every single person I interacted with was so friendly, professional, and impressively quick at helping us out. It was a wonderful experience.



          Margaret (Molly) Babad


          Robin Needle put in a Kudos for Robin Barca

          From: Erik Child 
          To: Robin Barca 
          Subject: RE: Maria Ayala vs New Village East, L.P., et al 5/10- Depo Dr. Indra De, M.D.

          I have to say, you are really a great person to work with.

          Thank you for your follow ups.

          You’re the best.


          Child & Jackson

          Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for Nicole Holloway

          From: Jodi Loper 
          To: Debra Neiderfer 

          Thanks and thanks to Nicole too. She is awesome!

          Jodi Loper

          Massey & Gail LLP

          Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Emily Grottle and Valerie Svystula

          Big shoutout to Emily Grottle and Valerie Svystula for burning the midnight oil getting trial transcripts produced and distributed to clients.

          Jessica Hutto put in a Kudos for Aleata Rodriguez and Alexia Francis

          Thank you both so much for helping cover this very last minute in-person deposition in San Francisco tomorrow. My client was in such a bind and you both saved the day. Y'all are the best and I appreciate you so much!