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Benefits of Deposition Video


Recording video of your deposition has obvious benefits. When you are at trial, you can simultaneously present the witness' testimony and have deposition clips playing for a jury. Beyond the obvious, video provides other strategic benefits to your case that you may not have considered. Here are some of our clients' favorites:

Encourages Forthcoming Witnesses
Video recording a witness during a deposition psychologically enhances the seriousness felt by that witness during questioning. Witnesses tend to be aware that their responses may be used again and presented in front of the judge or jury.

Gives A Preview of a Witness at Trial
Video recording deposition is a valuable tool for both parties in a case. The video offers an opportunity to review during trial practice with a witness and aid in planning their testimony. The video can also be used by opposing counsel for studying the witness for direct and cross-examinations and objections during trial.

Video Reveals the “Behind-the-Scenes

Videos capture more than just a witness's body language; they also reveal behind-the-scenes interactions, such as lawyer-client signals and discussions, hostile witnesses, or a witness seeking guidance from their attorney, providing valuable aid for opposing counsel and insight for a jury.



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