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Huseby Makes Scheduling Seamless

The busy cycle of your day-to-day, balancing the demands of work and home, is why you need Huseby – a team you can really rely on to make your deposition scheduling experience seamless.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been providing you with a lot of information surrounding your scheduling experience with us. This week, we’d like to take a few minutes and recap all that you can expect when schedule your depositions, rather in-person or remote, with Huseby.

Here is what you can expect from your Huseby team:

Easy Scheduling

Schedule your depositions in a few simple steps.

  • LiveChat – Go to our website ( and click on the chat box at the bottom of our page. You’ll be instantly connected to a local Market Manager who can assist your every need!
  • Email – Send an email to with all of the details and we’ll reply back with a confirmation of scheduling.
  • Online – Check out our new scheduling short form located on our home page of our website, or click here to access our scheduling long form. Once you submit your request you’ll receive a confirmation email from our calendar team.
  • Phone – Give us a call! We are always happy to hear from you when scheduling with our calendar team. Simply call (800) 333 – 2082!

Good Communication and Responsiveness

We understand that an open line of communication and being responsive to your needs is essential. No matter your scheduling preference you can always expect a timely response from our team. Count on us to ask the right questions to make sure your deposition is scheduling correctly.

We set up standing orders and special requests – so you receive everything you need right when you need it!

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

You can expect accuracy and a special attention to detail with every scheduling request with Huseby. Whether your depositions are remote, in-person, or a combination of the two our expert schedulers will ensure everything is setup properly.

We also pay close attention to any special requests, standing orders, conference room requests, and any other detail you provide.

Final confirmations are sent the day prior to the deposition to ensure all details and requests are correct and allows you to make any necessary changes.

Both inside and outside the office, we know life is busy. So, when you need quick, easy, and accurate scheduling choose Huseby!

Taylor Boysen