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The Huseby Journal

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8 Facts on the Evolution of Court Reporting

Court reporting, or Stenography, has gone through quite the evolution since it first came into existence.

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​ Refugee Support Services

At Huseby Inc. we strive to give back to the community when we can. One of the ways that we choose to give back is by supporting Refugee Support Services,

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Huseby, Inc. recapitalizes to fuel acquisition growth

Huseby, Inc., one of the leading court reporting agencies in the United States, and Carousel Capital, a private equity firm with over $1.2 billion in capital commitments across its funds, announced today their new partnership and the recent completion of Huseby’s recapitalization.

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Legal News
Brad Wickard

5 Things to Consider Prior to Video Deposition

There are many benefits of having video in a deposition. Having video alongside a written transcript helps a jury get a better understanding of the testimony.

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​ 5 Most Important Aspects Clients Look for in a Court Reporting Firm

Choosing a court reporting firm can be one of the most important decisions that goes into a deposition or trial.

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