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Trial Technology

DEG's team members - Huseby's trial technology professionals - have consulted on thousands of trials and can assist you with all of your technology needs before trial and in the courtroom.


Pre-Trial Preparation

  • encode and synchronize media
  • scan exhibits and documentary evidence
  • upload materials for team review
  • review outlines/conduct dry runs with witnesses

Equipment Management

  • recommend war room/courtroom equipment
  • facilitate equipment rentals
  • coordinate setup and tear down
  • test hardware and software integrity

Courtroom and Trial Presentation Support

  • manage trial evidence
  • seamlessly display all trial materials
  • ensure smooth recall of evidence on-the-fly
  • collaborate on presentation of evidence
"Digital Evidence Group has become an essential part of our litigation practice – a cornerstone of our trial teams. From depositions to the court room, the professionals at DEG make the litigation “process” easier, employing cutting edge technologies and processes that allow us to be better attorneys."
- Morrison Foerster



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