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    Using Huseby Hotseaters at Trial


Experienced litigators know that a smooth presentation of the evidence at trial is a critical variable in the courtroom.  A skilled trial technician in the “hot seat” can ensure that your presentation of evidence is seamless. Here are some of the ways an expert hotseater can assist at trial:

Trial Presentation: Your hotseater works with you to organize your case files, call-up evidence per your instructions, and make live annotations.

Impeachment-Tailored Clips: Your hotseater can clip key segments of video depositions for impeachments or designations.

Crisp, Clear, Playback: Your hotseater can remove pauses and objections from video depositions, for smooth courtroom playback.

Complex Ideas—Perfected Visuals: Convey key ideas through easily-understood demonstrative graphics, timelines, and animations.



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