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The Huseby Journal

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Social Media and Court Reporting

​Social media has evolved tremendously over the last 13 years. It went from being purely social with Myspace and Facebook, to becoming a place of sharing and learning. Read on to learn how social media has affected the world of court reporting.

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6 Personality Traits That Most Successful Court Reporters Possess

Court reporting is an interesting and rewarding profession, but maybe you wonder if you have what it takes. More often than not, court reporters do possess a certain type of personality.

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Court Reporting
Brittany Clarke

Tips for Effective Time Management

Much of the work that goes into a transcript is done after hours, therefore, managing your time right is important.

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Biggest Obstacles for Court Reporters to Overcome

As with every profession, court reporting comes with a few obstacles to overcome. The more experience you gain, the more you adapt to overcome each obstacle.

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What Sets Huseby Apart from the Competition?

Huseby is a business that was built by a family of court reporters dating back to 1928, and to this day Huseby understands the business from a court reporter’s perspective.

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