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The Huseby Journal

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Much a-boop about nothing: Betty Boop case was headache for 1934 court reporter.

Max Fleischer's patent drawing of Betty Boop. (Via Wikimedia Commons.)

Betty Boop's catch phrase caused a court stenographer to throw up his hands in frustration.

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In the news: Law firm mergers increasing, attrition rates explained

Make new associates feel welcome by assisting with introductions, perhaps through scheduled lunches and other activities.

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Paul Isom

DA's complaint about court reporter salaries put into context: $70,000 is below average

Turns out, salary that received complaint is $8,000 below the average in Texas.

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Texas DA worried that court reporters make more than attorneys

Court reporters “with minimal education or experience” make $70,980 in Wichita County Texas.

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Comeback court reporters give the human touch in New York, according to Daily News

Plaza College, Queens, New York

"At last, the humans win one. Court reporting, a skill that seemed destined to be replaced by electronic tape recorders, is making a comeback — and bringing a lot of very good jobs." -- New York Daily News

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