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Common Questions Answered: Remote Events with Huseby

One of the most common questions when setting up remote events is "where will I find my remote event link?" and "what should I look for?" Here's how HusebyConnect simplifies keeping up with links and joining your event:

1. An automated email invitation from HusebyConnect to all parties includes your direct link into the event.

2. No need to manage multiple links for Zoom and Exhibits—HusebyConnect integrates both into one platform.

3. Witness or opposing counsel have direct links into the event, without the need to set up an account or worrying about logging in on the day of the event.

4. Email invitation includes a Calendar v-Cal, to add directly to your Outlook calendar. The calendar invitation includes a direct link into the event for all participants.

5. If an event is rescheduled, an updated invitation is automatically sent to all participants to update Outlook Calendars. No need to figure out which link to use to access the event.

As a bonus: Counsel can invite the witness directly from HusebyConnect. As an example: if they would prefer to not give out a witness' contact information.

To see these enhancements in action, and to learn more click here!

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Huseby Voted #1!

Thank you for voting Huseby as the #1 provider nationally for both Court Reporting and Video Depositions in the National Law Journal's “Best of 2023.” We take great pride in being your go-to court reporting and remote video deposition experts.

“After using the service of your company for a large, multi-jurisdictional case, I must tell you how extremely pleased I am at the level of talent and technical expertise exhibited by your reporters and staff.”

—Alston & Bird

“You will not find a better court reporting company.”

—Morgan & Morgan

“The attorneys in our office have had great things to say about Huseby's virtual deposition platform—how easy it is and the training you offer ahead of time for peace of mind. Thank you!”

—Gordon & Rees

Huseby’s team of experts is quick and responsive, so you can count on Huseby to be there in a pinch.

Need a last-minute deposition scheduled? Can’t find a critical video the night before trial begins? Have a question you need answered?

For all your needs, Huseby is:

When you have an urgent request, it is important to know someone is "on it." With all time zones covered, there is always someone you can reach out to and receive a reply quickly.

Backed by years of boots-in-the-trenches experience, our team is able to meet—and exceed—your needs, swiftly.

Concierge service means individualized, personalized, local, and hands-on. We will get you the right person for the job, and always make sure your care is tailored to your needs.

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing your deposition provider. Thank you for putting your trust in Huseby! Go with a team that will give you the highest quality care—in a responsive, quick, and personalized manner.

To learn more about our easy scheduling, reliable technology, and solutions for any case, click here!

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5 Hottest Trends in Remote Depositions for 2023

To help you stay up to date on all the latest litigation technology trends, Huseby has compiled the five hottest trends to take your remote depositions to the next level.

This Guide will help you keep up with the hottest trends you need to be aware of, including:

1. Exhibit Hotseater

'One less thing to worry about, focus attention on the witness and next question, and avoid fumbling with exhibits.'

2. Digital Bankers Box

Go paperless—use your digital bankers box to save time, save hassle, and access your documents much faster.

3. Capturing Annotations

The attorney or witness has the ability to add annotations or take control of native files—with the option to mark a new exhibit.

4. Picture-in-Picture

With today’s juror accustomed to learning visually, use picture-in-picture to bring your case to life through video.

5. Utilize Multiple Screens

Take advantage of the ability to break apart modules, and spread out your deposition experience across multiple screens.

Check out our Guide today!

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