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Your #1 Remote Deposition Toolkit

Never worry again about your next remote deposition. Use your Huseby Toolkit for - everything - touchless remote depositions.

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Legal News
Taylor Boysen

The MVP of Litigation Support – Realtime

We offer demos and plenty of support to help you organize all the case-related documents and prepare to win. Don’t leave the MVP out of the game.

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Truly Touchless Depositions with HusebyConnect

The ongoing pandemic is pushing us all to live our lives in a touch-less manner. Fulfill all of your touch-less deposition needs with HusebyConnect. From online scheduling to electronic delivery - our truly touch-less solutions are here for you during this time.

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Adapting to Covid-19 in the Court Reporting World

Covid-19 is certainly a crisis, but it is no reason to avoid or cancel depositions with all of the remote options available in the court reporting world today. With Huseby’s remote services, you are able to head into your deposition with confidence.

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Technology Related Effects of the Coronavirus in the Legal Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has law firms figuring out more ways to work remotely than ever before – From work-from-home apps to court reporting firms that provide the technology for remote depositions.

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