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Make Remote Depositions Easy on Your Witness

Clients are preferring more and more to take depositions remotely—and they want to make the experience as easy as possible for their witness.

Some of the challenges we hear witnesses encounter most often: struggling to download applications, receiving multiple links can be confusing, having limited ability to scroll through exhibits, and difficulty accessing courtesy copies. HusebyConnect solves what other platforms struggle with.

Here's how HusebyConnect makes remote depositions easy for your witness:

  • Browser-based—no downloads required
  • Only 1 link to join the audio, video, and view the exhibits
  • Scroll through the exhibit independently
  • Easy access to courtesy copies

Watch a quick 2-minute video to see the witness' experience -- Click Here!

To schedule a HusebyConnect demo, contact us today at (800) - 333 -2082 or by filling out or quick form!

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5 Hottest Trends in Remote Depositions for 2023

To help you stay up to date on all the latest litigation technology trends, Huseby has compiled the five hottest trends to take your remote depositions to the next level.

This Guide will help you keep up with the hottest trends you need to be aware of, including:

1. Exhibit Hotseater

'One less thing to worry about, focus attention on the witness and next question, and avoid fumbling with exhibits.'

2. Digital Bankers Box

Go paperless—use your digital bankers box to save time, save hassle, and access your documents much faster.

3. Capturing Annotations

The attorney or witness has the ability to add annotations or take control of native files—with the option to mark a new exhibit.

4. Picture-in-Picture

With today’s juror accustomed to learning visually, use picture-in-picture to bring your case to life through video.

5. Utilize Multiple Screens

Take advantage of the ability to break apart modules, and spread out your deposition experience across multiple screens.

Check out our Guide today!

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Huseby Provides Nationwide Coverage You Can Count On

You already count on Huseby as your go-to court reporting company for your local coverage, but we also want you to know that if you have depositions outside your regular area, we have you covered with local reporters—wherever your case takes you.

Our Location Specialists are ready to assist with location details to complete your Notice of Deposition, including:

  • Proximity to your witness
  • Room size to accommodate all parties
  • Technology to facilitate remote capabilities
  • Assistance with locating local hotels and restaurants (varies by locations)

For your next local or out-of-town event, we're here to help! 

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