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“...Definitely our go-to hot seat/graphics team going forward. You do excellent work. We'll keep you updated as our current ITC cases progress."   —Nixon Peabody, LLP

Huseby is a valuable asset on any trial team. With a track record of aiding leading trial teams in securing over $4 billion in jury awards and favorable settlements, we are equipped to seamlessly integrate with your team, and provide you with the support, preparation, and expertise that helps you win.


In today’s multimedia world, you need demonstratives that count. We’ll apply expert design, best-in-class technology, and the latest research to ensure your graphics and demonstratives stand out and tell your story.

  • 2D graphics
  • Animations
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Custom medical illustrations
  • Timelines

For some example best-in-class demonstrative, including patent illustrations and animations, pharmaceutical illustrations, construction animations and timelines:

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Trial Technology and Support

Remove the stress of your trial presentation with a Huseby "hotseater." Our Hotseaters bring over 20+ years of experience to your trial team. In trial, we stay a step ahead, allowing you to focus on the judge, the jury and the witness, while we are your eyes in the courtroom.

  • Pre-trial prep.
  • Equipment management
  • Court room & trial presentation support

To learn more or request a trial technology consultation, click below:

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Enhance Comprehension with Timelines

Timelines can be an essential part of your litigation. They place all of the detailed evidence and events surrounding your case into a logical order, and facilitate comprehension for the Judge or jury. Before you start plotting dates on a PowerPoint slide, we recommend considering these questions:

  • What is the focus of my timeline?
  • How can I effectively use space?
  • Is my timeline easy to read?
  • How can I use color, icons and/or illustrations to foster better understanding?
  • Should I have a title?

Looking for a litigation partner that has all the answers? Click here to see examples of each from our experts:

Example Trial Timeline
An Example of a Trial Timeline for Lawsuit

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Huseby's Litigator's Guide to Developing Pharmaceutical Illustrations

What are the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical litigation?

The biggest challenge facing the trial team in the courtroom is science. Pharmaceutical cases are almost all about teaching the science to the audience and less about the law.

Working closely with experts when preparing demonstrative evidence becomes an essential part of the case strategy because their testimony is always complex in nature. It is also important to tailor your presentations to your audience and adjust the content to their level of understanding.

Having experienced graphic designers that can act as a bridge between highly scientific experts and a jury that likely do not have any expertise in the relevant fields, will ensure they are taught at their level.

What place do Technology Tutorials have in pharmaceutical litigation?

As technologies increase in complexity and because Judges don’t always have the necessary background in biology, chemistry, electrical and engineering, “Technology Tutorials” are increasingly more important to teach them the science. Some Judges require a deadline for the submission of a “Technology Tutorial” around the same time of claim construction in patent cases. The parties can submit separately or jointly a DVD that should focus on the background of technology at issue and should not be used for argument. The format may vary, but typically is a PowerPoint slide presentation converted to video that will play automatically and is narrated by a voice-over professional or expert.

What is the difference between 2D animation and 3D?

When can you use interactive medical slides?

An Interactive (or hyperlinked) slide is a slide that has electronic links embedded in the boxes that allow you to jump to a section of your PowerPoint and within a document or set of documents.

The advantage of interactive slides is that the presenter can explain the science in whatever order they want.

For instance, they can jump to a section in response to questions from the Judge or skip portions of the background explanation altogether if the Judge already understands it and focus on what still needs to be taught.

Important Questions to Consider:

  • What are the biggest challenges in medical litigation?
  • What place do Technology Tutorials have in this litigation?
  • What is the difference between 2D animation and 3D?
  • When can you use interactive medical slides?

For more information, read our Litigator's Guide to Medical Illustrations and Animations here!

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