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Huseby's Trial Demonstratives Take Your Case Next Level

Huseby provides full-service support throughout the lifecycle of your trial with consultants that bring years of courtroom experience to your team. From the war room to the courtroom, with our assistance, your team can focus on strategy rather than how to present and display exhibits and video in court.

We're highlighting some of our demonstrative capabilities tailored to your type of litigation. You're going to want to read below and click all the links - it's worth it!

Demonstratives: Timelines

Timelines are an essential part of litigation because they organize all relevant events of a case into a clear and logical order, facilitating comprehension for a Judge or jury. Before you start plotting dates on a PowerPoint slide, consider the following:

What is the focus of my timeline? The first thing you want to think about when creating a timeline is: “what am I trying to convey?” Consider what things you want to emphasize in your timeline. For example, are you highlighting that a substantial amount of time passed between two events, are you emphasizing a succession of events in a short amount of time, are you contrasting the actions and inactions of two different entities…?

These considerations will have an impact on how you layout the events, how you effectively use the space of your slide and how you want to emphasize your data points.

How can I effectively use space to foster better understanding? There are a number of timeline formats to pick from, but the most often used in litigation are the calendar style or horizontal which track events from left to right. In the horizontal format, the dates can be on top, in the middle or on the bottom.

What layout you decide on will depend on the focus of your timeline and/or your aesthetic preference. Regardless of which format you use, use the correct scale so that each year, month and day are consistently spaced. To see some of Huseby's sample timelines, click here.

Demonstratives: Pharmaceutical Illustrations

The biggest challenge facing the trial team in the courtroom is science. Pharmaceutical cases are almost all about teaching the science to the audience and less about the law.

Working closely with experts when preparing demonstrative evidence becomes an essential part of the case strategy because their testimony is always complex in nature. It is also important to tailor your presentations to your audience and adjusting the content to their level of understanding.

Having experienced graphic designers that can act as a bridge between highly scientific experts and a jury that likely do not have any expertise in the relevant fields, will ensure they are taught at their level. You need Huseby on your side! To learn more, click here.

Demonstratives: Patent Illustrations and Animations

Why spend time and money on patent illustrations and animations? Today’s patent litigation landscape involves increasingly complex technologies and since most patent cases are tried by a jury, it is of utmost importance that lawyers educate non-technical people using clear, simple, and accurate illustrations.

When a Judge or jury understands the mechanics of an invention, you increase your chances of successfully defending patent rights for the client. To learn more about what Huseby offers for your patent illustrations and animations, click here.

Demonstratives: Construction Animations

3D animations are among the strongest pieces of evidence available to litigators today. With the power to make complex ideas simple—graphical animations can leave jurors, judges and mediators (all of whom consume visual content daily) with a lasting memory of key arguments and evidence.

When it comes to presenting the intricate concepts in a construction case, making sure you move from true images or video of the subject (building, bridge, etc.) to the model, animation or image is key. Any inconsistency will likely be attacked by opposing counsel. Click here to see some considerations for making the best use of animations in your case!

Would you like to learn more about Huseby's illustration services and how they can be integrated into your trial presentation? Contact us, today, for a personal consultation!