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Easily Create and Edit Video Clips

Huseby’s video software lets you easily create clips of your video-to-transcript synchronization, for playback at trial.

With clips, you can:

  • Ensure that tone, inflection, and mannerisms are conveyed to the jury.
  • Challenge credibility or impeach a witness where testimony is inconsistent.
  • Memorialize your client’s story through compelling video, for use in settlement negotiations, opening and closing statements, and trial testimony.

Learn how to create clips in a few easy steps:




Create a Video Clip 

    • Click the HI-LITE button. 
    • Grab-n-drag with your mouse to select a section of transcript text.  
    • Click the CLIP button to create your video clip.
    • Your video clip is saved within your CLIPS library.
    Hi lite and clip
    Clips library and edits



    Clips Library and Editing 

    • Select CLIPS to view your clips library.  
    • Click to select one or more clips.
    • Click EDIT to make adjustments to your clip.




    Exporting Clips

    • Select one or more clips in your CLIPS library.
    • Click the EXPORT button.
    • Choose where to export:  File Folder, e-Mail Recipient, PowerPoint, or TrialDirector
    Exporting clips
    When exporting to Power Point



    Exporting to PowerPoint 

    • After choosing EXPORT to PowerPoint, select your preferred PowerPoint layout.  
    • Choose the location for saving the .pptx file.
    • Your clips are loaded into consecutive slides in PowerPoint, ready to present!




     To learn about the benefits of 

    video-to-transcript synchronization 

    and creating video clips, 

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