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Your Digital Media Library is designed to give you quick access to the latest Huseby digital and print media: web pages, digital PDFs, and select print files. The subject matter ranges from 'About Huseby,' in general, to segmented documentation meant for a very specific audience, such as Med Mal Plaintiff counsel and IP Defense counsel. The library sections - WEB PAGES, DIGITAL PDFs, and PDF PRINT FILES - are easy to navigate, and sorted by subject matter.  Check back regularly for the latest updates! 


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    Whether sharing a web page link via e-mail, on-screen during a TEAMS meeting, or in-person during a firm visit - even to review, yourself, as you prepare for an important meeting - you'll find a wide array of subject matter and media, including video, graphics & animation, and text content in the WEB PAGE area of your Digital Media Library.

    Plan a dynamic digital walk-through of a number of web pages for a client visit.  Have a computer and monitor at your event table, ready to share content that is specific to the event, or specific to a service or subject a visitor to your table wishes to chat about.  The opportunities to share important content with your clients are at your fingertips.


    Online tools represent a modern and innovative way to share pertinent information with clients, to allow them to find information about Huseby, readily, and to generate new leads. Digital PDFs offer a quick and easy way to share general or subject-specific information about Huseby and our many services, with your clients. You'll have the opportunity to: 1) view the PDF online; 2) grab a link to share with your client(s) via e-mail, text, or a web meeting 'chat' area; or 3) download one or more PDFs to your desktop, to use/share at your leisure. 

    The opportunities are endless to create the perfect digital-PDF 'packet of materials' for your client.


    A select group of files has been added to allow you the opportunity to download print-ready PDFs - as well as SPEC sheets that walk you through the proper Staples ordering method, for your convenience - so you can place print orders at your leisure.  The high-resolution print-ready files are designed to be utilized, generally, if you have another printer/store you wish to use.  

    You can preview the entire document prior to downloading, too!  So, as you prepare for your next office visit or industry event, consider whether print materials are a great resource for you.  Or simply create a personal library of print materials to have on-hand.