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HusebyConnect - Common Questions for Remote Events:

"How do I upload my exhibits pre-deposition?"



Another common question when setting up remote events is "How do I upload my exhibits pre-deposition?" 

Here's how HusebyConnect simplifies pre-deposition exhibit preparation:


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1.  Once the event is created, you're ready to upload
in your private workspace

  • Log in to your HusebyConnect portal
  • Go to your Upcoming Events
  • Click the three dots on a specific event for 'More Options' and choose Manage Exhibits
  • Your are now in your Private Workspace
HC Portal
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New 5 16 23 E mail Campaign HC Managing Exhi 480p 230516



2.    Drag and drop pre-populated folders or individual exhibit files.

  • Click File/Upload
  • Choose a folder or individuals files from your computer
  • Drag-and-drop to upload
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3.    Create folders to further organize and move
your exhibits.

  • Click File then New Folder   
  • Name the folder
  • Add a Description if you wish
  • Click Save
5 16 23 E mail Campaign new folder
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4.    Give permissions to allow other team members to collaborate in your workspace.

  • Choose a Folder or Individual Exhibits to assign permissions to for your team members 
  • Click Permissions 
  • Click + Firm Member 
  • Choose Firm Member(s)
  • Assign Upload, Download, Share, and Delete Permissions to each 
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5.    Click an exhibit to preview.

  • Click the File Name of any exhbit
  • A preview will pop-up
  • Use Panel feature to see thumbnails and choose specific pages
  • Zoom in or out, Refresh, even Download
HC Managing Exhibits Pre Deposition preview exh 480p 230515
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...and Bonus!  

Did you forget to add an exhibit pre-deposition? HusebyConnect allows you to drag and drop exhibits during your event to present on-the-fly!


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