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Remote Application Customization    

with HusebyConnect TILES    



The new HusebyConnect 2.0 is the only remote deposition application to utilize tiles - allowing you to fully customize your presentation experience, by providing you the flexibility to personalize your screen layout.

Key Features:

Extend Application into Separate Window - Extend a tile to a separate window to take advantage of multiple monitors.

Responsive Resizable Tiles - When resizing, tiles are responsive.  As an example, when resizing the Video tile, video will resize automatically to fit the window.

Add/Remove Tiles from Screen - The "Applications" button features checkboxes to add or remove tiles from view.

Rearrange - Move tiles with ease by dragging and dropping.

Fullscreen View or Normal View - Individual tiles can be made fullscreen.  When exhibits are not being presented, easily make the Video tile fullscreen. 

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