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April 2024 Newsletter Edition

Net Promoter Score

Huseby Scored a 59 in Q1

A Net Promoter Score (also called an NPS score) is a metric used to measure how likely a customer is to recommend our business to another person. Each quarter we send a survey to the clients we have done business with in the past 3 months asking the simple question: "On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

From there, we're able to sort our customers into different categories. These include:

  • Promoters: Customers who give a score between 9-10. They are loyal customers with a high lifetime value who will also refer prospects to help the company grow.
  • Passives: Customers who give a score between 7-8. They are relatively satisfied customers who may stay or move on to a competitor if the offer is right. They wouldn't go out of their way to refer prospects.
  • Detractors: Customers who give a score between 0-6. They are dissatisfied customers who may damage our brand reputation by writing negative reviews or spreading negativity through word-of-mouth.

Our customers' answers are aggregated into a score that reflects our customer base's overall satisfaction. The lowest possible score is -100 if every customer is a detractor. The highest possible score is 100 if every customer is a promoter

Our score in Q1 was 59, our highest score in the past 5 quarters.

So, what is a good Net Promoter Score? The creators of the NPS metric, Bain & Company, say an NPS score above 0 is good, above 20 is great and above 50 is amazing. Anywhere above 80 is the top percentile.

Companies with similar NPS scores as Huseby:

Netflix 67

Apple 61

Google 58

Chick-fil-A 58

Congratulations – you are in good company!

So, what's the secret sauce that'll help land us on the list of companies with the highest NPS scores? The reality is that there isn't one — just that we commit ourselves to creating an unforgettable experience for our customers by providing “Excellence in every interaction”.

    New LAT's Channel on Teams!

    We are excited to announce that the new LAT’s Channel on Teams is almost ready. This channel should be your “go to” for all information regarding the LAT’s such as:

    • States that are included in each LAT
    • Contacts – contact information for each member of the LAT teams
    • Top Reporters
    • Links to daily LAT meetings
    • Top Clients in each LAT

    So stay tuned…

    Getting access to the Team Huseby Channel on Teams:

    1. Open Teams.
    2. Under teams you should see a Team called “Team Huseby” with the Huseby icon.
      If you do not see it reach out to, and he will assist you in setting up your system to see it.
    3. That’s it. You have access to what is currently active, and as we make more features available you will get notifications or see icons that say “New” beside new channels as introduced.

    Pinning Kudos in Teams

    See below how to pin Kudos to the top of the new Teams channel.


    What's New in Technology


    We spent a lot of time and energy this month working on timezone-related issues. Those were so frustrating, and we continue to wrestle with one last issue—thank you all for your patience while we get these finally resolved. Even while we were dealing with the timezones, we did manage to get enhanced file sharing/grant access, LEDES file updates and fixes, cloning, special designations on orders, additional order fields to help with remote event management, and fixes to the COD process into production. We’re within a few days of rolling out some great enhancements to the scheduling calendars and resource recommendations, a redesigned production sheet, and auto-sending payroll statements to our resources. Other items that are rolling out within the next couple weeks include a workbook to help our DEG teammates with their video process management, improvements to the COD process on copy orders, and additional products being added by resources. We'll tell your team leaders when they’re in production so that they can let you know and help you be prepared. And, we’re going to keep up a process of continuous improvement based on your suggestions, feedback, and the value those enhancements bring to our business.


    We continued to focus on improving the performance of HusebyConnect and reducing the system requirements when using it. We’re seeing some significant improvements in those areas, and that work is also resulting in some nice simplification and improvements to the user experience. We also made good progress on getting HC integrated with OneDrive (planned for a future release) so that we can easily share files between HC and Salesforce.


    The annual security training that many of our customers require us to complete is underway. We allowed 30 days to get it done since there are several topics in it. At the time of this writing, over 90% of us have completed it. Please make the time to get this training done—and thank you!

      What's New in Operations

      Production Update: Last month (March) we shipped 2110 jobs. That includes 352 Expedites.

      Elizabeth Moore lead all production people with 224 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!! Reporters used the Salesforce portal to turn in 68% of the jobs in January.

      Quality update: March had 33 redo work orders out of 1976 shipped or 1.67% of what we shipped. Many of the redo requirements where from client requests that perhaps should have been on an errata. The below are the issues we need to improve on.

      • 25 reporter transcript issues
      • 4 client needed changes that where not mistakes.
      • 4 production mistakes.

      Case Management: Notable cases in the month

      Matter of Certain Disposable Vaporizer Devices and Components, 12 depos all realtime and same day roughs/finals in person, spread out in different cities in the country.

      Christopher Roberts, et al. v. Publix Super Markets, Inc. set by AM100 firm Seyfarth Shaw.

      Salesforce Issue update: In February we identified 15 issues (In Production). Some critical most not. One of those items have been resolved and tested. After consolidating all open production issues we have 94 waiting on resolution.


      Assisting Chase with production by producing 49+ transcripts with read and sign letters

      Video edit projects for about 30 man hours in April, and they are still coming in.


      Porter Scott Anniversary Party

      Robin Barca was invited by one of her favorite firms Porter Scott to their big Anniversary party last Saturday night. All the Partners are in the black car.

      What's New in Sales

      Top Performing Sales Reps

      Here are the top performing reps across the country for March.

      Sales Rep % of Goal
      Amber Cantero 905%

      Adam Hill


      Sarah Lawhead

      Robin Barca 137%
      Johnny Bateman 121%

      Mark Poelzer


      Lauren Shaw


      Lauren Moulton


      Lauren Ladenheim


      Jimmy Singh


      $200k Club

      Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

      Accepting New Members in April


      $100k Club

      Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
      Lauren Ladenheim$171,691

      Jessica Hutto

      Lauren Shaw $158,898
      Cindy Lengkong $135,757
      Robin Barca$127,626

      Johnny Bateman

      Mark Poelzer $109,223

      DEG Cross Sell Club

      Here are the reps across the country cross selling DEG trial services.

      Sales Rep Gross Profit

      Anastacia Carroll


      Lauren Ladenheim


      Lauren Shaw


      What's New in HR/Admin

      Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

      Sammy Abdellatif (Digital - Mid-South)

      Brooke Dowaliby (Chase)

      Amir Maddox (Production - Mid-Atlantic)


      Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

      Chism, Kristin - Chase

      Caamano, David - Outside Sales - West

      Parson, Javonte - Digital - Florida

      Redmond, Nikitta - Billing - Mid-Atlantic

      Trudeau, Tara - Chase

      Georgia Trial Lawyers

      Jessica Hutto and Sarah Lawhead teamed up at a Georgia Trial Lawyers event last week.


      What's New in the Digital Team

      Key Takeaways:

      1) Successfully trained Chicago and Nashville personnel on coverage of jury trials

      2) Covered 486 jobs across the US and 6 trials between Nashville and Atlanta

      3) Hired a new team member in Nashville

      4) Eliminated all pending link requests and implemented a new system to ensure all pending links continue to be sent out upon request

      On the Horizon:

      1) Hiring 1 more in both Nashville and Atlanta

      2) Salesforce implementations to help manage weblinks in the future

      3) Supplementing documentation for our AAERT training guide to keep up to date with additions to the exam

      4) Increase overall efficiency of our Digital team



      Megan McClain

      Was so helpful toward the pending link dilemma. Megan stepped in and assisted with training a handful of members on the team on how to create and cancel link requests. Megan is a true team player and always displaying willingness to contribute to the team effort day in and day out.



        Delina Nguyen

        Delina filled in for a last-minute request from DEG to provide support during a job for one of their clients. The client had nothing but amazing things to say about Delina and how helpful she was on the job. Delina always goes above and beyond to ensure we deliver an amazing service to our clients and partners.


        Brandon Roberts

        Has successfully covered a few jury trials for us in the month of March with nothing but praise from our clients. Brandon has done an exceptional job on communicating with us internally throughout the trials making sure we get roughs and transcripts delivered to meet or exceed expectations.


        Craig Ellingson

        Has done a phenomenal job at leading the charge and totally decimating the amount of pending links that were outstanding. In addition, Craig worked relentlessly from 5:30 AM to cover a high profile case for us, knocked it out of the park, and then still assisted with an emergency at 5:30 PM. Even after all of that, he handled another issue that came up right after that. These efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you Craig!

        Kudos image

        Karyn Polak put in a Kudos for Team Huseby

        From: Jolie Stauffer 

        Subject: RE: Following up on Saturday's Hearing - Karyn Polak at Huseby

        Hi Karyn,

        Thank you so much for your follow-up. Everything went as smoothly as possible on Saturday.

        Everyone from Huseby has been amazing to work with, and you have certainly made things much easier for me by providing great reporters! I will most definitely be continuing to reach out to you whenever we schedule any future hearings.

        Have a great week!


        Jennifer Ruszala and Karine Beers put in a Kudos for Elsa Estopinan and Delina Nguyen

        Kudos to Elsa for helping get a laptop a witness for a remote event on such short notice and Delina for changing her schedule to drive to the location!

        From: Kyle Musgrove 
        Subject: RE: Checking in on your deposition yesterday


        We (or at least I) definitely needed the technician that was sent with a computer to help. We wound up using that computer, she worked out the feedback from them wanting me streamed separately on Zoom (so having two separate devices Zoomed in in close proximity to each other), we ultimately had her set up a conference call option as there were some issues with volume with just the computer (both others and particularly the court reporter) hearing the witness and us hearing some others (not the questioner).

        Thanks for your help!

        Alex Gomez
         put in a Kudos for Team Huseby

        From: Cindy Pacatte 

        Thank you, Ladies!

        I truly appreciated working with Huseby! Definitely one of my favorite firms to work with:)


        Cindy E. Pacatte, CSR, RPR

        Doug Yarborough put in a Kudos for Glenn Miller and Robin Needle

        I wanted to have the first post on the Kudos board to say thank you to Glenn for getting the "Team Huseby" team up and working. And a special think you to Robin for leading the project to get all the cross functional leaders working together to make this a collaborative space with long term value to everyone.

        Diomaris Gonzalez put in a Kudos for Keish Osborne

        KUDO's to Keisha Osborne for coming into the office at 12am to handle a tobacco trial this past weekend, Awesome job!

        Esmeralda James put in a Kudos for Diomaris Gonzalez

        Diomaris, has been helping the video department with the video downloads and turning in the jobs for us. She has done an amazing job.

        Thanks D. you rock.

        Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Mitch Mahon and Pierre Kressmann

        Mitch and Pierre.

        Great job. Unsolicited email below.

        Received an email from Joe mid trial too stating you guys were doing great.

        From: "Sadat, Pouria" 
        Subject: Trial with Mitch & Pierre

        Hi Dave –

        Hope all is well. We just got back from trial in Wilmington with huge assists from both Mitch and Pierre. I appreciate their professionalism, skill, insight, and, most importantly, companionship under stressful circumstances. Most people in your profession are pros but it is great to spend time with solid humans as well. They are my first choice for trial support, depos, graphics, etc. going forward. Just wanted you to hear it from someone in the trenches. Thanks.

        Pouria Sadat

        Senior Paralegal

        Baker Botts L.L.P.

        Kyle Hill put in a Kudos for Craig Ellingson

        Just wanted to give some major kudos to Craig.

        He started work today at 5:30am and we had a stressful Remote Depos situation that happened where we need someone at 530pm I the same day.

        Craig was quick to jump back on and ensure the client was taken care of. He didn’t bat an eye, instead insisted on handling the situation.

        Then, found himself handling another after that for another client.

        Huge thank you from the team!

        Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudos for Team Huseby

        From: Haas, Emily 
        Subject: RE: Huseby Order Confirmation - 00051659

        Thank you, Lauren.

        I appreciate how on top of everything you are. Depositions have become less stressful since we started working with Huseby. You and your team always make me feel like I have one less thing to worry about.

        Emily M. Hass

        Senior Counsel

        Michael Best & Friedrich

        Paul Withrow put in a Kudos for April Trentham

        Just wanted to give a big Kudos to April Trentham who has done an awesome job billing out the Vivian Lee Boughton, et al. vs. Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital, et al. trial in Nashville. She did a fantastic job communicating with me to ensure each job was billed out properly (as the firms standing orders changed throughout the past three weeks). It was very much appreciated!!

        Merideth Archibald put in a Kudos for The Support Team


        We both know that support always does well but lately they have been killing it in every LAT I have work in. Almost never do I have someone wait for more than a few hours for a response and I really appreciate that so much.

        They always also have the best attitudes towards customers...especially Sarah, Amanda, and Victoria.

        Anyway I know we've been through lots of changes in the past 18 months and while my opinion may not carry much weight these days I wanted to let you know that my clients and I very much appreciate the hard work you guys are putting in upstairs.


        Merideth L Archibald

        Daphnie Miller put in a Kudos for 2nd Shift - Chris, Madison and Elizabeth

        If you have not seen the storage room downstairs, take a look! It looks fabulous, and those 3 went in ...took charge and CLEANED HOUSE!. It looks great. Let's try to keep it like that, please. Thank you, Sir and mames.