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August 2023 Newsletter Edition

What's New in Technology


All Huseby Legacy LATs are live on Salesforce!

Our teams invested a lot of time and effort in working together to get everyone converted to Salesforce by the end of the month. Thank you!

We’re all tired, but continue to identify and address the issues and as a result we’re seeing the system improve and we’re getting better at using it.

    • Sales functionality is working fine but folks are unfamiliar with the system and that’s causing some frustration
      • Most concerns are about not providing the levels service that took Huseby 11 years to achieve in RB
      • As the team becomes more familiar with using the system, and as we continue to make improvements, it will be much easier to serve our clients
    • Reporters are helping us work through reporter portal issues that surfaced as they use the portal at greater volume
      • Most issues have been resolved and we are getting positive feedback from a number of reporters
    • Scheduling is currently working with issues sending confirmations quickly and sending links to remote participants
      • Most of those are not system problems but are things that the team can address through additional training and familiarity with using Salesforce
      • Now that the system is live, we are adding new team members
    • Operations is helping reporters with the transcript turn in process and working to increase use of the new portals by clients and reporters
      • Continuing to fine tune the operations processes daily
    • Billing is working closely with all other teams to address issues with blank witness names when applying new service items or bill sets
      • The team is continuing to identify other issues and quickly get fixes in place, including easily verifying all items on the billing table have been invoiced and the reporter paid
    • Future Rollouts are currently planned for the dates below, but as always we will monitor and adjust these dates based on issues and team “readiness”
      • Prose & Real Time Reporting – Week of 9/7
      • Digital Evidence Group – Week of 9/28


The IT team put together equipment and managed setup across all of the teams in Huseby

    • Onboarded multiple new team members in scheduling, production, and admin/finance
    • Resumed replacing old computers for existing team members on those teams
    • Recovered and reconditioned equipment from folks who left Huseby so we can use it for new team members where appropriate and have backups/loaners for short-term needs

What's New in Operations

Currently we only have 17 jobs in house on the RB system. That means 86% of all of the jobs in house are being produced through Salesforce.

This month (August) we have shipped over 680 Jobs through the Salesforce system.

Elizabeth Moore is leading all production people with 125 jobs shipped through Salesforce registering jobs from 4 different LATs. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!!

A little insight into the Salesforce improvement process for everyone.

In August we identified 101 issues. Some critical most not. 60 of those items have already been resolved and tested. Currently we have a list of 223 issues that are on the list waiting on resolution.

No big LAT updates all LATs are rolling on salesforce and are not having any big issues.

We keep interviewing talent. As we are trying our best to keep and improve the great team we are working with.

Support is getting about 50% more phone calls than this same time last year.

Closed down our Augusta office.  Most clients visiting that office are from out of town and with most depositions remote, there is not as much in-person depositions to keep the office busy.

We had to team members go out this month for serious surgery, Donna McCloud and Tameka Sawyer. Keep them in your prayers as they are both at home recovering.


What's New in Sales

Let's Go Connor Lew - War Eagle!

David's son Connor is gearing up for his freshman season as an Auburn Tiger.  We are looking forward to following Connor's season starting September 2nd at home versus UMass.  

Sports Illustrated has Connor pegged as the Breakout Player for Auburn in 2023!

What are the coaches saying...

(Connor at practice on the right)

Connor Lew Auburn

Top Performing Sales Reps

Correction for June's performance:  Lori Noonan was not recognized properly in the last newsletter for being 169% of Goal for the month.  Congrats Lori!

Here are the top performing reps across the country for July.

Sales Rep % of Goal
Mark Poelzer 189%

Lauren Ladenheim


Megan Eissler

Rob Nealey 155%
Lauren Shaw 123%
David Lew 119%
Jimmy Singh 105%

$200k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

*Accepting New Members*


$100k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
Lauren Ladenheim $190,833
Cindy Lengkong $141,878

Rob Nealey


Lauren Shaw


What's New in HR/Admin

Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

Estopinan, Elsa (Calendar)

Figueredo, Tracy (AR)

Francis, Alexia (Calendar)

Gregory, Amanda (DEG)

Holloway, Nicole (DEG)

Shivers, DeAndrae(DEG)

Moore, Elizabeth (Production)

Neilly, Marco (CA Reporter)


Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Greiderer, Elizabeth (CA Reporter)

Harper, Linda (Calendar)

Lawson, Dixie (Calendar)

Perez, Jorissa (Calendar)

Walker, Laura (Calendar)

King, Jenna (Sales)

Winn III, Jackson (Remote Depo)

Moreira, Marc (Remote Depo)

What's New in Scheduling and LATs

From Kyle...

Just a big welcome to our new schedulers! 

  • Lexi Francis in calendar on the West.
  • Elsa Estopinan in the Mid South Calendar.
  • Erica Gimbel on the Florida Calendar team.

The combined years of experience between these 3 ladies is over 40 years!!

So, we are very excited to have their guidance and expertise in the markets nationally.

Beyond that, Connor Lew (David’s son) is kicking butt in practice at Auburn University and will likely see some significant true freshman playing time this year. So watch out for him! :)

The “transition” has had its ups and downs throughout the nation, but naturally with TIME, we are seeing a better response with folks on each team across every LAT. Not to mention, with the communication we have from our front line employees to our clients and reporters, folks across the nation are becoming more familiar and I am seeing more and more things iron out on the daily.

I personally couldn’t be more grateful for the Huseby Family across each LAT. We are fighting to learn more, grow and enhance our skill sets in SFDC and it is showing.

So, just a Thank You to the team around the US!


What's New in Digital/Remote Depositions

There were quite a few developments in the month of August. A few to highlight:

  1. AAERT Success- Shout out to Mariah North, Brandon Roberts, Delina Nguyen, and Olivia Henderson for becoming AAERT certified. Congratulations and great work!
  2. Expansion- Currently hiring in both Nashville and Chicago
  3. More Knowledge, More Power- Our internal court reporters have been successfully cross-trained to function as either the court reporter or videographer

A few things to come for the month of September:

  1. Finalize Cross-training- Based on the success we had on cross-training our court reporters on videography, or goal is to have all videographers also cross-trained on how to provide court reporting. This will officially consolidate our department positioning us for more success in the future
  2. Trial Coverage- Development of Huseby’s trial kit is set to be completed by end of September
  3. Expansion- Identifying other key areas that we can expand our internal reporting and videography team following the model that has been developed over the past year

    What Are Clients Saying?

    Great Job Remote Depo Team!

    Tim Ramos:

    Dear Mr. Patel,

    I want to express sincere and profuse thanks to Tim Ramos, of Huseby, for the technical support he provided me on July 26, 2023, ahead of 2 depositions that I conducted with Huseby via Zoom on Thursday, July 27. Mr. Ramos patiently and effectively worked with me to ensure that my computer system was properly working to conduct the depositions and assisted me to practice with the system ahead of the depositions.

    His was a job well done!

    Very truly yours,

    Robert B. Cherry, PC

    By: Jeffrey Kantowitz

    Olivia Henderson:

    I just wanted to pass the compliment along. Please see below where Cozen O Connor was impressed on their experience with a digital reporter. Thank you Olivia!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!


    From: "Galindez, Debbie" 
    Date: August 18, 2023 at 6:41:05 PM EDT
    To: Ana Carroll 
    Subject: RE: Request for Transcript, Job No. 460264

    Thank you, Ana, for doing such a marvelous job.

    The client said that he was very pleased at how smoothly your Team did its job.

    Have a nice weekend as well.


    LATLC Summer Soiree

    Cindy, Mauricio and Lori at the Trail Lawyer Summer Soiree!

      LA Team at LATLC

      Florida Team at FCRA

      Ana and Jimmy hanging with our Florida reporters!

      Jimmy and Ana FCRA
      Kudos image

      Megan Eissler put in a Kudos for Tim Ramos

      I have another kudos to give to Tim Ramos. I just got off the phone with an attorney and he said that he can’t thank Tim enough for his exceptional service. Tim jumped on with the attorney the night before his remote depo and spent a considerable amount of time with him to make sure that he was fully functional, and everything was running smoothly for the deposition the following morning. He had nothing but great things to say about Tim.

      Robin Barca put in a Kudos for Johnny Bateman

      I would like to send Kudo’s to my Amazing counterpart Johnny Bateman for helping me with the SalesForce transition. He is always willing and able with the greatest ability to figure out technology issues. He helped train me on looking up jobs for a client in SalesForce by adding the “orders” button to my task bar so I would have the capability to look up jobs. Without his expertise I never would have been able to view this simple task. He was so patient and kind. I am completely & sincerely grateful to Johnny😊

      Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for the DEG Team


      Outstanding work by the DEG team. Everything worked seamlessly, unlike some other Zoom depos I’ve done. Thanks!

      Robert A. Wallner, Partner


      Scott Klein put in a Kudos for Michelle Holbrook and the Support Team

      I frequently shared with other court reporters how much I enjoyed working with Huseby because of (1) YOU (top of the list); (2) ease of scheduling; (3) intuitiveness of turn-in portal; and (4) responsiveness of support staff. Of course, I am beginning to appreciate more and more the old adage “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” 😊.

      Lastly, thank you for being you. I don’t know how to verbalize how very much I value you both personally and professionally. You are someone I would choose to be in my close circle of friends.

      Take care,

      Diane Ellison, Court Reporter

      Court Reporter put in a Kudos for the Billing Team

      I want to say thank you very much. I sent in my invoice with the wrong (lower) amount and you sent me the correct amount. I love how diligent and honest you guys are. You made my day, which didn’t start off so great. Thank you again for being one, if not the best, out there. 

      All of you are amazing.

      Best regards,

      Missy Leonetti, RPR