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December 2023 Newsletter Edition

What's New in Technology


Thanks to all the teams for the hard work you’ve put into getting the systems working. In the last couple months we pushed deliverables through the system at the same volume that we did in RB, and everyone is working together to make the system and our processes more streamlined and effective.

We’ve continued to push out numerous fixes and enhancements, including one push that touched two dozen flows in Salesforce. We’re at the point now where we’ve addressed enough of the critical issues that we can move to a more structured approach for pushing out changes with a goal of not causing more issues while we’re trying to fix other issues. The teams have put together a list of priority requests that we’ll be implementing over the next few months, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. One of our major initiatives that several of you have helped with is for us to identify enhancements to our processes and to the systems to improve “quote to collections” efficiency. That focus on full-lifecycle efficiency is going to result in some nice enhancements next quarter—stay tuned!


The Northeast/Central team has done a great job promoting HusebyConnect as the preferred solution for remote events. Over 70% of the remote jobs scheduled by that team during the first 2 weeks of December used HusebyConnect!

We’ve started using HusebyConnect as a tool for internal discussions, too. It’s been very useful in doing discovery on our efficiency projects—it captures a video recording while generating a live transcript feed.  The live feed includes the person’s name beside what they’re saying and lets us add comments to the transcript as we go along.

To support all of this, the HusebyConnect development team continues to deliver enhancements to realtime and voice-to-text performance and functionality, as well as new usability and management features.


A number of you have been getting new equipment—expect that to continue! We’re replacing outdated equipment at a steady pace, and we’ve got a schedule in place for upgrading your gear based on how long it’s been in service. We’ll reach out to you when it’s “your turn” and will help you make the transition to the new equipment. We’re also in the midst of moving the DEG team’s servers to our Lunavi data center, improving the security, stability, and performance of those servers and making it much easier to service them.

We completed several security reviews/surveys with strong results. We identified a few areas where we can improve our infrastructure and our procedures and make our security even better and have completed the majority of those. Having a secure environment protects our teams as well as protecting our business and our customers, and it gives us a competitive advantage. Thank you all for all you do to keep Huseby and our customer secure!

What's New in Operations

Production Update: Last month (November) we shipped 2039 jobs. That includes 373 Expedites.

Shantee Chappell lead all production people with 181 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Shantell!!!!

Current month December as of the 19th we have shipped 1197 orders. Elizabeth Moore is leading the way with 135.

Quality update: November had 28 redo work orders out of 2039 shipped or 1.37% of what we shipped.

21 or 75% are transcripts with data the client required be fixed, that could not wait for the errata.

4 or 14% are missing exhibits turned in after the job shipped.

3 or 11% are production mistakes.

Office update: Charlotte office had all carpets cleaned and sanitized.

Support Update: Thank you emails are becoming spam. Please know we love the fact that people are thankful for the services we provide, but we need less emails in the inbox. The number of emails we receive daily that just have the words "Thank you" in it would surprise you. It does not take long to delete one email, but it takes time away from helping clients when we have to delete many emails. Please just don't send them to the support inbox.   :-)

Salesforce Issue update: In December we identified 25 issues (In Production). Some critical most not. 5 of those items have already been resolved and tested. After consolidating all open production issues we have 118 waiting on resolution.


LAT Updates

    LAT updates from Kyle...


    Added Digital Reporting to the mix in the NE/Central Market and couldn’t be more excited about expanding into this region with Digital via Jory, Ankur and team.


    We shifted Kiara from Production after 12 years there to Calendar! She worked with Phil to get trained and has taken the “bull by the horns” with learning the Calendar process. We also added Alaura Sierra to the FL team. We couldn’t be more grateful for her coming over to us! She comes with a wealth of knowledge in Calendar and is already an immediate impact to the market!


    Our New Calendar folks have been doing a fantastic job at limiting their internal issues, growing very quickly! Their understanding of their role has been amazing to see. I am thrilled with the direction from Alex to them and look forward to seeing how they prosper into 2024 Q1.

    Aside from that, Greene Broillet has given us a “thumbs up” again due to the massive changes we have made for them via Alex, Cindy, Kenzie and team. We have saved an incredible client and couldn’t more thankful for everyone that has been involved to make that happen!

    Meet Our Newest Sales Rep - Maggie Kamara

    Maggie is a seasoned Regional Account Manager with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and the needs of law firms, government organizations, and corporations.  She has a rich background as a former IP Paralegal at Am100/200 law firms that include Covington & Burling LLP, Miles & Stockbridge PC, Harness, Dickey & Pierce, PLC, and Bacon & Thomas PLLC.

    Having transitioned to a role as an account representative coming from TSG Reporting and Esquire Deposition Solutions, she is committed to providing a white-glove service to clients and has expertise in handling complex and high-profile cases.

    Outside of the office, Maggie is a proud dog mom, an avid world traveler and NPR listener, and self-proclaimed foodie. She is looking forward to the opportunity to connect soon with the Huseby team!

    What's New in Sales

    Top Performing Sales Reps

    Here are the top performing reps across the country for November.

    Sales Rep % of Goal
    Lynette Reynolds 238%

    Cindy Lengkong


    Lauren Ladenheim

    Lauren Shaw 172%

    Diana Hayhurst


    Anastacia Carroll


    Donna Hoffman


    Karyn Polak


    Jimmy Singh


    Mark Poelzer


    David Lew


    Megan Eissler


    Paul Withrow


    $300k Club

    Here are the reps across the country that topped $300k in Gross Profit.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

    Cindy Lengkong


    $200k Club

    Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

    Lauren Ladenheim


    $100k Club

    Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
    Lauren Shaw$192,626

    Anastacia Carroll

    Jessica Hutto $143,319
    Lynette Reynolds $133,600
    Diana Hayhurst $107,128
    Donna Hoffman $106,975

    What's New in HR/Admin

    Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

    Olivia Grisch (Digital - NE/Central)

    Alaura Sierra (Scheduling - Florida)

    Natasha Stradford (Credit - Mid-Atlantic)


    Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

    LaToshia Chaney (Scheduling - Mid-Atlantic/Florida)

    Una Elias (Sales - DEG)

    Rose Murillo (Field Offices - West)

    Joseph Ramos (Digital - West)

    Connor Lew Named Freshman All-American

    David Lew's son Connor was named to the 247 Sports Freshman All-American Team.  Congrats David and Connor!

    Auburn center Connor Lew named 247Sports Freshman All-American


    What's New in Digital/Remote Depositions

    Key Takeaways:

    1) Successfully covered work in Tennessee

    2) Expansion into California and New York

    3) Hired 6 people scattered in different key territories to position for growth in 2024

    4) Successful Digital Reporting Bootcamp held in the Charlotte office

    5) Covered our first trials in Georgia

    Exciting Upcoming Projects:

    1) Finalizing internal auditing process to prepare for increased volume in 2024

    2) Coverage of work in CA, IL, and NY

    3) Coverage of our first jury trial

      Excel Training Sessions

      Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for both business and personal use. However, it can also be very intimidating, particularly if you are not accustomed to dealing with data on a regular basis. To help people become more fluent in excel, we will be running a few Excel workshops in early January. 

      We are going to start off with the very basics and work up to more powerful functions that will allow a user to manipulate and interpret data. 

      Some of the topics to be covered are:

      • Navigating Excel
      • Basic formulas
      • Formatting and charts
      • Tables
      • Pivot Tables
      • Lookups

      Jim Carver will be reaching out to the team leads to see if there are any topics in particular that should be covered specific to their department's needs.

      Be on the lookout for more information and dates!

      Kudos image

      Robin Barca put in a Kudos for Marcia Knock

      A special Thank you to Marcia Knock for the Outstanding Customer Service and Follow up she provided to my client below:

      Thank you, Marcia! I really Appreciate you going Above and Beyond for Joy!! You’re the BEST! Always so helpful when I call you and to hear this from my client, really means so very much!!

      From: Joy Henderson 
      To: Robin Barca 
      Subject: RE: Vroege/Jones Trial - November 30, 2023

      Hi Robin:

      I wanted to give you a compliment on one of your employees, Marcia Knock.

      I could not access the deposition transcript for Ava Elliott that Huseby sent by the link, so I called in to get help.

      Marcia was kind and explained why I could not get the transcript, sent me a link that worked, and even followed up with me to make sure I was able to get the transcript. She was wonderful!

      Best Regards,

      Joy Henderson, R.P. ®


      Aronowitz Skidmore Lyon

      Scott Klein put in a Kudos for Lauren Ladenheim and Alyson Griffith

      From: Martina Williamson <>

      Subject: RE: Urgent FW: Huseby Global Litigation - Invoice # 90028755, Tracey Wilcox et al. v. Daniel Wilcox et al.

      Good evening Lauren and Alyson,

      First, I wanted to take the time to thank you all so much for the time and effort you put into working with us on this matter. Lauren, a special thanks to you for taking an hour out of your vacation time to personally call and discuss the process and situation at length. You very clearly go above and beyond for your clients, and it is truly appreciated.

      Thank you ladies again for going above and beyond, and I wish you both the happiest of Holidays!

      Lauren Shaw put in a Kudos for Jory Cass, Ankur Patel, Elsa Estopinan, Delina Nguyen and the Digital Team

      Thank you all so much for covering a last minute trial in Georgia. There will be plenty more trials to come! I am so excited.

      Thank you both again so much. And Jory and Ankur, thank you for making it happen. Elsa, thank you for moving things around so that it could happen!

      You all are the BEST!

      Robin Barca put in a Kudos for Aleata Rodriguez

      Special Shout Out to Aleata Rodriguez for the ability to cover “in-person” depos with such skill and grace. She knows how to move reporters around from one job to another in order to maximize our coverage and keep our reporters busy. If its from a trial that settled and now that reporter needs to be placed on depos until another trial arises to cancellations, she’s always on top of her game with Alex, keeping the best reporters on our jobs and employed. She’s the BEST!! Thank you, Aleata for All you Do!

      Karyn Polak put in a Kudos for Alex Gomez

      Special thanks from a client for last minute coverage...

      From: Clarence Williams <>
      To: Karyn Polak 
      Subject: RE: **URGENT**REMOTE REPORTER FOR 12/11- Fwd: Zoom and Court Reporter

      Thank you!

      You guys are the best. This is why I refuse to use any other agency.

      Stephani Burger put in a Kudos for the Tobacco Team 

      From: Carpenter, Deborah L. 
      Subject: RE: (URGENT) RE 28752 FW: Huseby Job Assignment Acceptance - 12/13/2023 9:00 AM (EST) - Wilson v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. -

      I don’t know how you do it. But I do know I’m thankful we have you guys!

      Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for Dave Wiseman

      Really supporting me 100%

      Stephani Burger put in a Kudos for Vicky Ramey

      Vicky has been a HUGE help to me! Her attention detail is really great, as well as her attitude and professionalism with the clients.