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February 2024 Newsletter Edition

What's New in Technology


We fixed a number of “killer issues” and have gotten the list down to just 2—and they’re on track to be closed out in the next week or so. One of the biggest things we got into production is the real-time synchronization of accounts, contacts, invoices, and credits from Salesforce to NetSuite. That was a great win for the team, and we’ll keep tweaking/fixing things that we uncover.

Our teams continue to find better ways to use Salesforce and NetSuite and came up with a lot of suggestions for making it more productive and easier to use. We’ve taken those, prioritized them using guidance from the team leads, and have put together a structured sprint planning process that will let us get them into production more quickly. We’ve got projects in discovery and development that will be put into production by the end of March—and some of them will come as early as next week! To give you a taste of what’s in the works:

  • Scheduling:
    • Auto-schedule events from our website, the customer portal, and HusebyConnect
    • Calendar views with filters for upcoming jobs and resources
    • Auto-recommend resources for jobs, see the resource utilization
  • Production:
    • Grant file sharing access to other contacts and parties
    • Redesign the production sheet
  • Billing
    • Auto-send payroll statements when payrolls are posted
    • Provide visibility to orders and work orders from associated copy orders
    • Add some data fields to Order Details to reduce the requirement to jump to other pages

Our teammates from DEG and G&F have done an excellent job of coming up to speed on Salesforce and NetSuite. We’re on track for them to go live March 1—next week! We appreciate the time and work they put into this, and we know what they’ve gone through. Please continue to help them as they go into full production.


This month we focused on improved performance; we also made good progress on switching HusebyConnect from RB to Salesforce as its data source and are on track to be done with that soon. The Northeast/Central team continues to get remote jobs scheduled on HusebyConnect. The Mid-Atlantic LAT invested plenty of time coming up to speed with HusebyConnect in January, and they’re going “live” with it as their preferred solution on February 21. As a reminder, our plan is to have the majority of our remote jobs in all LATs on HusebyConnect by the end of first quarter.

Please continue to use HusebyConnect internally for your key projects, you’ll find it valuable to have a video and a live transcript feed where you can review what was said and make notes.


We completed the project to move the DEG team’s servers to our Lunavi data center, improving the security, stability, and performance of those servers and making it much easier to service them. We also participated in multiple security reviews for several large opportunities and were able to make use of the results from our prior reviews to streamline those answers. We finished several projects to improve our security processes and policies, and special thanks to those of you who did an excellent job of putting together new protocols for helping make the turn-in process more secure.

Chase Litigation Joins the Huseby Team!

We are excited to welcome Chase Litigation to the Huseby team. Based in Anaheim, CA, Chase has been serving the legal community since 1984. Please extend a warm welcome to the Chase team!

About Linda Nelson

Linda began her career as a court reporter in 1998 and joined Chase Litigation Services in 1999. In 2012, she was elected to the Board of Directors for the Deposition Reporters Association of California (DRA) and served in that position until 2015. She later assumed an officer position with DRA in 2016, serving as secretary for the organization. In 2015, Linda took on a leadership role helping to run Chase with its founder and then president Lisa Michaels. Lisa’s mentorship became invaluable when she fell ill in 2018 and Linda stepped in to lead Chase. After Lisa’s passing in May 2019, Linda became CEO and has continued to lead Chase with its same vision and commitment Lisa had fostered since its founding. In September of 2019 Linda accepted the position of Treasurer for DepoSpan, a National Network of Reporting Agencies. In honor of Lisa’s memory, Linda created the Lisa Michaels Scholarship Fund with Lisa’s family, which provides court reporting students funds for tuition and to attend conferences. Outside of her role leading Chase, Linda enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her family and her dog “Chaser.”

“I’d say the best part of my court reporting journey is that I met Lisa as a brand-new reporter, and she ended up being my best friend in life. We worked together and played together and went through life together. And in her memory and her love for this company, I am blessed to be the one to carry on what she started.”

Fun Fact:

For the past three years, Linda has been part of an elite team of 9 stenographers which report, scope, proof in real-time the interviews of all Oscar winners in the press room, working alongside the Oscars’ librarians, which are dedicated to preserving the artform and industry of motion pictures. The transcripts are completed by the end of the evening and then are lodged with the library forever in history. Linda will be there representing the court reporting profession and Chase Litigation Services at this year’s Oscars on March 10th.

What's New in Operations

Production Update: 

Last month (January) we shipped 1868 jobs. That includes 306 Expedites.

Elizabeth Moore lead all production people with 207 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!! Reporters used the Salesforce portal to turn in 83% of the jobs in January.

Quality update: 

January had 32 redo work orders out of 1868 shipped or 1.7% of what we shipped. Many of the redo requirements where from client requests that perhaps should have been on an errata. The below are were issues we need to improve on.

15 reporter/transcription transcript issues

2 production mistakes. 1 on a header, and one on contact information in system

1 late confidential designation request

1 late file of exhibits

Case Management: 

Sun-Air case is now doing international depos and a New Tobacco trail added to calendar

Salesforce Issue update: 

In January we identified 23 issues (In Production). Some critical most not. 6 of those items have already been resolved and tested. After consolidating all open production issues we have 111 waiting on resolution.


Meet Our Newest Sales Reps

Hillary Rettaliata

My name is Hillary Rettaliata and I live on the Eastern Shore in MD.

I have been in the court reporting world for about 12 plus years, having worked at Planet Depos for almost 11 years and Pohlman for a little over a year. Prior to working in court reporting, I worked as a mortgage broker, until the market collapsed in 2008. I was also a paralegal where I worked for a few large law firms in the D.C. area.

I have been married to my second husband, JC, for almost 21 years and have one son who is in his 30’s , along with my daughter-in-law who is also in her 30’s. As a matter of fact, they met in college at Penn State, and have the same birthday. They are 9 hours apart, with her being the older woman.

I love animals and currently, have two dogs, Bailey and Doodah. Bailey is a yellow lab and Doodah is a pitbull. Since I have no children at home, they are my kids and certainly act like a couple of two-year-olds.

I grew up in Riverdale, NY, where my dad was a publicist/press agent and the New York Bureau Chief for TV Guide. We moved to NJ when I was 14 and I attended high school and college there.

We just celebrated my mom’s 100th birthday where they announced her name on the Today Show.

Adam Hill

Adam is an Orange County native with a passion for law. With over 8 years in litigation support, Adam has brought his wide-ranging skillset to Huseby Global Litigation serving the Southern California area. Adam specializes in managing complex case litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, worker's compensation, medical malpractice, construction defect, and product liability litigation. His position at Huseby allows him to personally handle his client's needs anywhere in the world, and he takes great pride in providing exceptional service to firms both small and large.

When not in the office, Adam is an avid surfer and mountain biker. After marrying his wife Amber in 2006, they regularly find themselves on road trips in their Sprinter van where they love the mountains as much as the beaches in their local Orange County Neighborhood of Huntington Beach.

David Caamano

David has an extensive background in the legal arena. He has serviced Workers Compensation attorneys for nearly a decade before finding his way to Huseby. His primary emphasis has always been delivering customer service and bringing value to each and every one of his clients. When he's not busy... you can find him skateboarding with his son, golfing, off-roading in his 4 runner, camping, or hiking with his dog Pickles.

What's New in Sales

Top Performing Sales Reps

Here are the top performing reps across the country for January.

Sales Rep % of Goal
Mark Poelzer 193%

Lauren Ladenheim


Johnny Bateman

Lauren Shaw 131%

Sarah Lawhead


Megan Eissler


Lauren Moulton


Jimmy Singh


$200k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

Accepting New Members in February


$100k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
Lauren Ladenheim$187,426

Lauren Shaw

Mark Poelzer $133,686
Cindy Lengkong $103,143

DEG Cross Sell Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped goal in cross selling DEG trial services.

Sales Rep % of Goal

Lauren Shaw


What's New in HR/Admin

Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

Rodricka Gooch (Digital - Florida)

Melisa Panella (Case Management)

David Caamano (Sales - West)

Amber Cantero (Sales - Florida)

Adam Hill (Sales - West)

Hillary Rettaliata (Sales - NE/Central)

Craig Ellingson (Scheduling - West)

Kristin Chism (Chase Litigation)

Kassandra Dowaliby (Chase Litigation)

Claudia Guerrero (Chase Litigation)

Sandra Legler (Chase Litigation)

Linda Nelson (Chase Litigation)

Tara Trudeau (Chase Litigation)


Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

McKenzie, Jack 

Figueroa, Rudy 

Hoffman, Donna 

Noonan, Lori 

Madalone, Janelle

What's New in LATs


Added Jasmine Cardona to the Northeast/ Central LAT.

Jasmine is an excellent communicator with vast knowledge in customer relations and management. She comes to us with over a decade of experience in Banking and scheduling. We are thrilled to see how she steps into the Northeast market.


Victoria Ramey is making a shift from Calendar to Support. She has been such an incredible teammate across the board. She has said yes to many changes and has been outstanding in every way. We couldn’t be more thankful for Victoria to be in the organization. Now, she will have a place that is more concrete! Thank you Victoria!

Also a huge welcome to two new sales team members…
Adam Hill (a massive KC Chiefs fan) and NOT related to Kyle Hill! ;) Jokes aside, Adam comes to us with years of experience in court reporting. He is a natural leader and we are excited about his future with Huseby.

David Caamano; A former Sales Manager and sales guru with a decade plus of professional sales experience. He most recently was running a team and selling at the same time. He is new to court reporting, but we are thrilled with his progress and willingness to learn a new trade!

We are thrilled with you both and cannot wait to see what you will accomplish!


The Florida sales staff is selling more and more. Jimmy and Ana have been holding down the Florida LAT. Now with the addition of Amber Cantero, a Tampa Native with years of Court reporting experience under her belt… we are thrilled she has joined us and is already making an impact in the market!

Overall, this team is on an upward track and we couldn’t more thrilled. The Florida Calendar team has enhanced usage of digital reporting in the market exponentially. The team has seen significant growth since Elsa Estopinan has started to aide as a Calendar leader. A massive thank you to the entire team.

We are also extremely grateful to have Valerie back in Support. She has been amazing in dealing with clients, reporters and really stepping up in the market.


What's New in the Digital Team

New Members:

Craig Ellingson- California

Rodricka Gooch- Florida

Key Takeaways:

1) Successfully covered jury trials in both Broward and Viera. Client expectations were met/exceeded on delivery of rough draft and expedite orders

2) All new members of the team have successfully completed the Huseby Digital Reporting Training Program and will soon be taking their certification exams

3) Hired a new team member in Memphis who will be able to help with coverage in Tennessee

On the Horizon:

1) Trial training in Georgia to be able expand coverage outside of Florida for jury trials

2) Hire 1-2 new team members in Nashville in order to meet current demand

3) Coverage in California and Texas with Digital Reporting


Kenzie completed her first non-jury trial with positive client feedback. Thanks Kenzie for the big win on our first trial out there in Tennessee!

John Sheffield and Emily Shuster successfully completed their first video jobs after their completion of training. We were happy to see that those went off without a hitch!

Mariah has done an exceptional job communicating with transcription to ensure we were able to meet the expectations and deadlines of our client. Thanks for putting in the extra effort in making sure the client received a great service from us!

Brandon Roberts took a last minute job in the evening that saved the day for our team. Thanks Brandon for being flexible and understanding what it means to go above and beyond!

Olivia Henderson stepped up to aid our management team with one of our new trainees by providing shadowing and feedback. Thanks Olivia for stepping up and helping our team when the opportunity presented itself!

    West Team Happy Hour Event

    The West LAT team hosted a Happy Hour event in San Francisco.  We had 7 reporters in attendance and a few clients. Overall success!  


    Celebrating Court Reporting & Captioning Week

    The beginning of February was Court Reporting & Captioning Week! To kick off the week, the Huseby Team came together in a really fun video to congratulate the National Court Reporters Association for 125 years of support and advocacy for the court reporting profession!  Watch the video below.

    Kudos image

    DEG Case Managers put in a Kudos for Valerie and Gabby and the DEG Production Team

    Shoutout to Valerie and Gabby from the DEG production team. These two have handled numerous days of massive exhibit deliveries while simultaneously producing many transcripts. From the end of last year to present, it has been very heavy with transcripts. Our calendar has flipped to more onsite work creating more physical exhibits needing to be scanned. Both have done an amazing job in balancing all of this with 0 complaints. We appreciate you both very much!!

    Robin Barca put in a Kudos for Marcia Knock

    Marcia has always been helpful in Support when I call for Urgent transcripts for my clients, but especially yesterday in going the extra mile in both texting and emailing the reporter for my client with an upcoming trial. Her persistence and constant communication with me made it a success! I am so grateful to Marcia with her upbeat attitude and hard work! She is always there to pick up the phone and jump on the task! These reporters can be a challenge and she stays on them to get it done! Thank you Marcia for being You! You’re the BEST!!

    Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for Miles Schuster

    Shout out to Miles.

    Amazingly patient. Great teacher. Delightful to work with. Has good ideas and input.

    Aleata Rodriguez put in a Kudos for Courtney

    I just wanted to reach out and send kudos where they are due.

    Courtney has been just amazing lately. She is always willing to jump in when asked and handle emergencies, add ons, and just anything really. And all with a great attitude. Her job can be a handful and she has been on the ball. Just wanted to give her a well-earned shout out.

    Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Andrea Lightburn

    Shoutout to Andrea for spending so much time with the DEG case managers and finance team to get ready for Salesforce launch. 

    Thank you!

    Michelle Holbrook put in a Kudos for Kelly Denton

    I wanted to send some huge kudos for Kelly as she assisted our reporter with handling a very hostile witness today. The reporter was fearful and did not feel safe. She requested Kelly to call the police to the location to assist with this hostile witness as she was recording with her phone. She handled this situation like a pro and called me to help assist as well. She was able to get police dispatched to the location and the witness was escorted off the property. Everyone, including the attorney and the interpreter are all well.

    Great job, Kelly for handing this in a professional manner and making sure everyone was safe after the fact.

    Taylor Boysen put in a Kudos for Amanda Potter

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂 That's a big firm in the southeast Jessica and I are slowing chipping ourselves in and the biggest thing they always loved about working with me when I was with my previous firm is how quick we could respond and deliver.

    Subject: RE: URGENT FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE - 450415-450417 30(b)(6) Carroll Maddox 05-09-2023

    DISREGARD! I’ve got it 😊


    Scott Klein put in a Kudos for Lauren Ladenheim

    From: Justice, Brittany A. (LGPM) 

    Lauren with Huseby Global Litigation is truly amazing to work with. I needed a last-minute deposition covered and had reached out to everyone I could think of. Lauren acted quickly and was able to get coverage AND even made sure that we were completely taken care of. She’s smart, good at what she does, and she’s so thoughtful. I’m so happy I found her and her team and am looking forward to continuing to work together, moving forward. Thank you, Lauren! 

    – Brittany from Lathrop GPM

    Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Jennifer Ruszala and the DEG Team

    From: Ann Marie Hamm 
    To: Jennifer Ruszala 
    Subject: Re: Job: 16155 Date: 2/13/2024 Deposition Confirmation

    Perfect, thank you and it is confirmed!

    And I have to pay you and your team a compliment - I had not worked with DEG before and your customer service and responsiveness has been impeccable. It has made my job so much easier :)

    Ann Marie Hamm
    erise IP

    Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudos for Emma Palka

    HUGE KUDOS to Emma for going above and beyond to ensure that this client had everything they needed on time for their hearing. Emma really stayed on top of this and earned the client’s trust and they could not be more grateful. She had to deal with multiple obstacles, including address changes, weather, and having to switch servers, and did it all with grace. Thanks, Emma—you are much appreciated!

    Paul Withrow put in a Kudos for Michelle Holbrook

    I am reminded of how awesome Michelle is each time I speak with this client. 

    Jenni Allison from Bradley Arant sent me the following text:

    “By the way, Kudos/appreciation to Michelle who was a soothing balm to my nerves when it felt everything was falling apart this morning! She is fantastic!”

    Thank you to Michelle for not only always answering the phone but always providing a strong level of professionalism/confidence when corresponding with clients.

    Daphnie Rhoads put in a Kudos for Stephanie Cole

    Subject: RE: Unpaid Invoices 2022-2023

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for your assistance and diligence with these invoices.

    I am out of the office today and tomorrow, but checking and replying to emails. I will go over these and clear them in our system.

    Again, thank you so much for going above and beyond and helping us.

    Milton Palacio

    Billing Department

    MVP Translations