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Welcome to Huseby Talk

March 2024 Newsletter Edition

New Huseby Teams Channel

Teams Training Channel (From Robin)

With the help of my impressive team, Doug Yarborough, Andrea Lightburn, Amanda Potter, Jill Boroski, Ashley Hensley, and Lauren Ladenheim, Huseby will have new Teams Channels for training and for helpful quick links. As we continue to grow, our team must have a single place to get information. The idea is to gather all relevant information from all our current sources (Huseby website, SharePoint, Huseby Playbook, etc.) and make everything accessible through the training channel. Here is a sampling of the information that will be available:

  1. A Kudos Channel
  2. A Huseby Playbook Channel, containing a folder for each department with links to all inner- and inter-department training materials, daily operations FAQ/links, team members info, and important, relevant updates
  3. A folder for each LAT with a directory and relevant training information
    1. A subfolder for TOP REPORTERS in that LAT – with contact information
    2. A subfolder for TOP CLIENTS in each LAT

We are currently putting our final additions on the “Kudos Channel” which should be rolled out in time for the next company newsletter. The Huseby Playbook Channel will be the next section that we tackle. Stay tuned for completion of this project by Q3 2024. And a huge thank you to Glenn Miller for helping us pull this all together and keep our channel safe and secure!

Getting access to the Team Huseby Channel on Teams:

  1. Open Teams.
  2. Under teams you should see a Team called “Team Huseby” with the Huseby icon.
    If you do not see it reach out to, and he will assist you in setting up your system to see it.
  3. That’s it. You have access to what is currently active, and as we make more features available you will get notifications or see icons that say “New” beside new channels as introduced.

Channel configurations:

All channels are set up so you can post messages on the channel and all channels have their own rules and policies. These rules are provided in the files section of the channel in a file called Read Me, or some other starting document name. It will provide you the vital information for that channel including whom to contact for changes, rules for posting, and when to expect someone to respond to your posts.

Current Channels ready to be used:

Kudos – Designed to provide a place to showcase internal and external appreciation. Provide client positive feedback and recognition to employees.

How to use the Kudos Channel

  1. Go to Kudos on the “Team Huseby” team in MSTeams.
  2. In the posts section Press the “Start a post” button.
  3. Keep in mind these 3 rules for posting Kudos (Rules can be found in the files section of the Kudos channel)
    1. Put the individual(s) name or department(s) in the subject.
    2. Construct the message body like you want it to read, but please limit it to under 500 words. Do not post full email chains. Clean it up to something everyone can easily read.
    3. Do not add any attachments.

What's New in Technology


We had an "interesting" month as we continued to improve our Salesforce implementation. First, on a good note, both the DEG and G&F teams came fully on board and are now using Salesforce as their system of record for court reporting. Those teams put a lot of time and hard work into getting to production. As has been the case with all of us, they continue to find opportunities to improve our system and our processes—please take the time to do anything you can to support them, answer any questions, and show them any "tricks of the trade" you may have learned.

We also got several nice enhancements ready to roll out, including a redesigned production sheet, enhanced file sharing/grant access, LEDES file updates and fixes, cloning, and fixes to the COD process. Unfortunately, we ran into some significant issues with time zones—we were all impacted by that, weren't we? We made the decision to pause rolling out the enhancements until those issues were fixed. The good news is that we got those issues addressed last week and we've started rolling out the new enhancements. We're letting your team leaders know ​as we roll those out, they'll be sure to let you know as new things are available. 

In addition to those, we're hard at work on the next set of enhancements for next month. Those are going to include things like additional improvements to the COD process, auto-recommending resources for jobs, and a greatly improved calendar experience. We're looking forward to getting those in front of you!


This month we were focused on improving the performance of HusebyConnect and reducing the system requirements when using it. The team has made solid improvements and continues to focus on that. We've also got HusebyConnect using Salesforce as its data source, and we're going to continue to improve the integration between HusebyConnect and Salesforce so that we can give our customers, our resources, and ourselves a single place to go.


It's getting to be that time of year again—time for us all to complete the annual security training that many of our customers require. We're going to get 30 days to do it this time because there are several topics we have to cover. Thanks in advance for your time to get this taken care of!


What's New in Operations

Production Update: 

Last month (February) we shipped 1976 jobs. That includes 283 Expedites.  Elizabeth Moore lead all production people with 227 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!! Reporters used the Salesforce portal to turn in 68% of the jobs in January. 

Quality update: 

February had 33 redo work orders out of 1976 shipped or 1.67% of what we shipped. Many of the redo requirements where from client requests that perhaps should have been on an errata. The below are were issues we need to improve on. 

  • 13 reporter transcript issues 
  • 9 transcript redo's 
  • 6 production mistakes. 
  • 1 client needed to that should have been on errata 
  • 4 late file of exhibits

Case Management: 

Christopher Roberts v. Publix Super Markets case from Lauren Shaw is currently producing many in person depositions in multiple cities. 

Salesforce Issue update: 

In February we identified 15 issues (In Production). Some critical most not. One of those items have been resolved and tested. After consolidating all open production issues we have 94 waiting on resolution. 


Did a big CD Project for Tobacco where we had a court order to go into 42 different witness files update the transcript format, recreate all the electronic files, and ship out new CDs. 

In the process of introducing a new email management system in support. That will provide great insight into how quickly we service our clients via email.

What's New in Sales

Top Performing Sales Reps

Here are the top performing reps across the country for February.

Sales Rep % of Goal
Sarah Lawhead 188%

Jimmy Singh


Mark Poelzer

Johnny Bateman 152%
Lauren Shaw 130%

Anastacia Carroll


Lauren Ladenheim


Diana Hayhurst


$200k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

Accepting New Members in March


$100k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
Lauren Ladenheim$173,818

Lauren Shaw

Anastacia Carroll $144,657
Mark Poelzer $144,630
Jimmy Singh$140,275

Johnny Bateman

Jessica Hutto $128,033
Sarah Lawhead $117,341

DEG Cross Sell Club

Here are the reps across the country cross selling DEG trial services.

Sales Rep Gross Profit

Lauren Shaw


Lauren Ladenheim


Anastacia Carroll


Jessica Hutto


Johnny Bateman


What's New in HR/Admin

Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

Brittany Belford (Digital - Florida)

Jessica Callahan (Credit - NE/Central)

Corinne Cardona (Scheduling - NE/Central)


Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Emily Chapman

Phillip Mills 

What's New in LATs

Mid South:

Solid Team work across the board in this LAT!

I have started to join their calls and the Empathy, consistent care for not only each other, but the clients in this LAT has been outstanding to hear! This is a Superstar team with many problem solvers and IT SHOWS! It aint, “we have a problem…” Their way of thought is… “We have a SOLUTION…” LOVE watching this!

Mid Atlantic:

The thing I have noticed this past month in the Mid Atlantic LAT is the Connection this team has… It seems like a true family!

A family that can absolutely take over the world. Listening to them all care about kids, personal life events and each other is why this team is a FORCE in the U.S. Love it.


The Dynamic in the Northeast has shifted towards… WIN. The sales reps have been gaining some serious traction for the most part with the supporting Operational team standing strong and limiting mistakes holistically! This team has GRIT! They fight! It is fun to watch!


What a cultural shift this part of the Org has made in recent months… The pure care for clients is fun to watch, but the pure love for one another is refreshing… to say the least! This team has been through many trials and tribulations, but is now adding events on calendar stronger than they have in over 6 months! Each department has grown and they stay very consistent in meeting or exceeding their SLAs! Thank you FLORIDA!


The West has been a FAMILY for a long time now! This month we have faced a few interesting challenges, but folks have stood strong, challenged status quo for the betterment of the Org! The team is constantly mobilizing and gaining momentum by the day!

Sales has started to find their own groove and the supporting team is doing a fantastic job overall at taking care of our clients!


What's New in the Digital Team


1) Successfully completed trial training for coverage of jury trials in the state of Georgia. Personnel in GA are ready and available to take trials throughout the State

2) Successfully completed multiple jury trials, including a jury trial in Atlanta without any issues

3) Our new reporter in Memphis has completed training and is working toward his AAERT certification and licensure for the state of Tennessee

4) Hired on a new member to the team in Nashville, TN

5) Covered 246 jobs in the month of February

On the Horizon:

1) Trial training in Chicago to be able to expand our footprint for jury trial coverage

2) Expansion into Nashville, TN

3) Coverage in California and Texas with Digital Reporting

4) SalesForce implementations for our Digital Reporting team


    1) Olivia Grisch passed the CER exam. Olivia took the initiative to provide resourceful information to supplement the team’s AAERT study materials. Thank you, Olivia, for helping our future team members with passing the exam!

    2) Craig Ellingson wanted to make sure he passed the AAERT exam well before his deadline to be able to add value quicker to our team. During the exam, Craig experienced technical issues and resolved those issues directly with the AAERT. Proactiveness on getting things done with minimal supervision is what we strive for. Thank you, Craig, for taking the initiative without the need for direction from the management team!

    3) Brittany Belford stepped up to the plate and covered a last-minute job ensuring that we maintain an excellent client relationship. Thank you for responding so quickly and saving us from what could have been a disaster.

    4) Kenzie Massengayle has been nothing but helpful whenever a client or someone from the management team needs a hand. We can see you truly care about the level of service we provide and the care you put into our clients. Not to mention, kudos for adding two new clients to Huseby: Laurie Hall from Ganguli and Hall & Jason Lee from Lee Law Firm

    Kudos image

    Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Laken Keeney

    Nice response from a client regarding Laken!

    From: Claire Stoneman
    Subject: RE: Nike v. lululemon Additional deposition for next Monday

    Laken Keeney, performing miracles every week! 😊

    Thanks so much.

    Claire Stoneman

    Litigation Paralegal

    Knobbe Martens

    Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for Jill Boroski

    To Jill! Amazing knowledge and patience helping me! She is a real star!!

    Cindy Lengkong put in a Kudos for Chris Cook

    Thank you, Chris – you are seriously a Godsend, like simply the BEST!

    You are ALWAYS going above and beyond for clients and there to help me out in a moment’s notice.

    I am grateful for and appreciate YOU!!

    Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Jennifer Ruszala

    From: Ann Marie Hamm 
    Subject: Re: Weber v. Provisur depositions / DEG checking in

    Hi there, Karine. I’ve been prepping for trial so I apologize for the delay in responding!

    Jennifer and her team are so responsive and I feel like I’m her only client - she has the best customer service!

    Ann Marie Hamm
    erise IP

    Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudos for Delina Nguyen and Lauren Shaw

    Thank you, Lauren and Delina!

    You all are so appreciated, and I can’t tell you how much it means to have teammates to fall back on when I am unavailable. So glad this client was covered last minute😊.

    From: Chris Rose 
    Subject: RE: Hunter, Jerry v. Hire Quest, LLC/ ACE American Insurance Company/ ESIS WC Claims

    Good Morning,

    In a never ending quest to be difficult, the claimant has appeared via Zoom, not Live with the court reporter. There is no court reporter on the Zoom link as of yet. If we can just get a court reporter on the Zoom link, we will just proceed with a Zoom deposition, as I think that is better than outright cancelling and rescheduling, since he is on.



    Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for the DEG Team

    From: "Zanello, Lindsay" 
    Subject: RE: DEG Order Reminder - 00047653

    My pleasure. And the feeling is mutual. Your team has done an amazing job with these (and there have been a lot recently)!

    Lindsay Zanello


    Dechert LLP

    Bob Breuno put in a Kudos for Karyn Polak

    From: Alexandra Comingore 
    Subject: Re: Court Reporter

    Yes it is zoom. Sorry I sent you both. Also we should totally meet in person if you are ever at our office! You are just so wonderful to work with and I appreciate it you make my job so much easier.

    Alexandra Comingore, | Paralegal to Eric Besunder & Geoff Sabin |

    Rosenberg, Eisenberg, & Shactman, LLC