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May 2024 Newsletter Edition

Congratulations Mid-South Team!

Huseby is proud to have been recognized as the #1 provider in Georgia in all 5 categories in which we were eligible for voting.  The annual Best Of survey is voted on by attorneys and firm administrators in Georgia to recognize the vendors and partners they turn to first in 8 categories. 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Law Firm Referral
  • Litigation Support (our category)
  • Public Relations
  • Recruiting/Coaching
  • Technology 

See complete results by clicking below.

2024 Best of Daily Report Results

Huseby also earned Hall of Fame recognition for being top 3 at least three years in a row in the categories of Court Reporting, Video Depositions and Remote Depositions.  

In recognition of being voted #1 by the clients we serve, the Mid-South Team earned a $100 gift card for each team member.  Our clients are recognizing us for the high level of service and support we provide and we want to recognize our team for your hard work and dedication to providing "Excellence in every interaction."  Way to go Mid-South!


What's New in Technology


We continued to address multiple timezone-related issues as our top priority. We believe we have the fix but we are doing in-depth testing before getting it into production. Since it was a top priority, it took a lot of time away from working on several other key initiatives. However, we are at the point now where most of them are in the full sandbox for testing and final verification before we push them to production. Those include enhancements to the scheduling calendars, automatic resource recommendations, a fully-redesigned production sheet, auto-sending payroll statements to our resources, improvements to the COD process on copy orders, and additional products being added by resources. We worked with our DEG teammates and got the first version of a workbook in place to help with their video process management and we continue to make a priority of addressing fixes they identify and helping them as they continue to become more and more productive on Salesforce. We'll let your team leaders know as we roll out changes so you can be prepared to take advantage of them. We also have a number of additional enhancements on our “continuous process improvement” sprint plan and are rolling out a process to help get even more requests into that queue. From a NetSuite perspective, we’re making good progress on getting cost of goods sold (COGS) pushed from Salesforce into NetSuite on a near-real-time basis, including line-item detail. That’s moving us ever closer to being able to have accurate GP information available in NetSuite in real-time.


Improving the performance of HusebyConnect and reducing its system requirements remained our top priority in April. While we’re seeing improvements, we have identified additional work we can do in that area and are focused on it. Our longer-term goal of getting HC integrated with OneDrive so that we can easily share events and files between HC and Salesforce is still on our roadmap—we will get there!


Everyone completed the annual security training required by many of our customers. This is the first time everyone has completed it on time—thank you so much for the time and effort you put into it! We got quite a few of the older computers and laptops replaced this month, and we have a schedule for replacing the remaining few that are out of date. Our schedule aims to replace computers when they’re more than 3 years old; we’re still catching up on some, but we have everyone on the schedule. We’re also replacing our older servers to provide better performance and backups, and we’re in the process of upgrading wifi access points in the Charlotte office to improve network performance.

    What's New in Operations

    Production Update: 

    Last month (April) we shipped 2230 jobs. That includes 339 Expedites.

    Elizabeth Moore lead all production people with 242 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Elizabeth!!!! Reporters used the Salesforce portal to turn in 70% of the jobs in April.

    Quality update: 

    April had 48 redo work orders out of 2230 shipped or 2.1% of what we shipped. Many of the redo requirements where from client requests that perhaps should have been on an errata. The below are the issues we need to improve on.

    27 reporter transcript issues.

    10 Late filed exhibits.

    5 production mistakes.

    Case Management: Notable cases in the month

    Matter of Certain Disposable Vaporizer Devices and Components, 12 depos all real time and same day roughs/finals in person, spread out in different cities in the country.

    Christopher Roberts, et al. v. Publix Super Markets, Inc. set by AM100 firm Seyfarth Shaw

    Lucinda Jackson v. Fandom


    Assisting Chase with production by producing transcripts with read and sign letters

    Email management system has lowered our clients average service time by over an hour in the short time it has been in use.


    Welcome Jakob to the Team!

    Jakob Clayton is our newest sales rep in Alabama.  Here is a little more about Jacob...

    Hello! I'm from Birmingham, AL. I like to fish, golf, and see live music. I'm 23, and a recent graduate from the University of Alabama. I've mostly worked outside during the summer and interned at State Farm while in college. I am looking forward to learning this industry and growing my network. If anyone has any advice to get me started here in AL or just want to talk, feel free to reach out!

    Welcome to the team Jakob!

    West Coast Casualty Conference

    Johnny Bateman and Julie Long represented Huseby well at the West Coast Casualty Conference May 15-17 in Anaheim, CA. 

    Top Account - Happy Clients!

    Cindy hosted a luncheon at Collinson Daehnke Inlow & Greco (half attorneys and staff).

    The client's quote:  “your team at Huseby has always come through for us and we appreciate your services more than you know!” Counsel for city of LA and County of LA cases.

    What's New in Sales

    Top Performing Sales Reps

    Here are the top performing reps across the country for April.

    Sales Rep % of Goal
    Margaret Kamara 466%

    Amber Cantero


    Robin Barca

    Lauren Shaw 177%
    Johnny Bateman 154%

    Sarah Lawhead


    Paul Withrow


    Lauren Ladenheim


    Megan Eissler


    Jessica Hutto


    Lauren Moulton


    Jimmy Singh


    $200k Club

    Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

    Lauren Shaw


    Lauren Ladenheim


    $100k Club

    Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
    Jessica Hutto$192,989

    Robin Barca

    Johnny Bateman $132,503
    Paul Withrow $128,577
    Cindy Lengkong$125,337

    Anastacia Carroll


    DEG Cross Sell Club

    Here are the reps across the country cross selling DEG trial services.

    Sales Rep Gross Profit

    Anastacia Carroll


    What's New in HR/Admin

    Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

    Jakob Clayton (Sales - Mid-South)

    Haley Grossman (Digital - Mid-South)

    Alexis Leal (Chase)

    Maureen McKay-Taylor (Scheduling - Florida)


    Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

    Dorange, Bejaia (Scheduling)

    Griffith, Alyson (Billing)

    Hill, Adam (Sales)

    Yoo, James (Sales)

    DRA Convention

    Huseby and Chase co-sponsored the annual convention for the Deposition Reporters Association of California.  Alex and Linda represented us well!


    What's New in the Digital Team

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Hired 2 in Nashville and 1 in Atlanta
    2. Supplemented Huseby’s AAERT training program to keep everything up to date with additions to exam
    3. Overall efficiency has increased in the month of April. Covered 657 Digital jobs amounting to 37,000 pages
    4. Added microphone to remote setup to provide higher quality audio for the court reporter

    On the Horizon:

    1. Completion of Huseby Rewards Program
    2. Addition of microphone to in-person deposition setup to capture more than 4 participants at an optimal quality
    3. Training 3 team members to assist in supporting transcription and admin (HC links and inbox) to stay ahead of future volume increases
    4. Completion of training for all team members to be able to utilize OnCue for hotseating in the future


      1. Olivia Henderson – Had a great interaction with one of our clients, Mr. Minot at Minot Law P.A., and they requested for her to cover an upcoming trial. Thank you, Olivia, for going above and beyond to provide a positive experience for our clients!
      2. Emily Shuster – Emily received training this month on assisting with the uptick in the Remote Depositions inbox this month and has been a huge help to the team in the West. Thank you, Emily, for your contributions and support in assisting with making sure our clients receive the highest quality service we all strive to deliver!
      3. John Danne – John has been newly introduced to the Transcription Department and has become a huge asset and "quick" learner. We truly enjoy collaborating and working alongside John. I know he will continue to do great things for our department as we continue to grow!
      4. Sammy Abdellatif – Sammy has been a powerhouse since he has joined our team! Stepping right in to learn the ropes quickly, supporting his fellow team members with CER studying and anything that is thrown at him including assisting with the Remote Depos inbox and training on various items. Thank you, Sammy. Your contributions do not go unrecognized!
      Kudos image

      Michelle Holbrook put in a Kudos for the Mid-Atlantic Team

      Dear Huseby,

      I just wanted to thank you for your contribution of the Amazon Gift Cards and the airpods you donated for our silent auction at our 2024 NCCRA conference in Raleigh this past weekend.

      We had such a good time in between the speakers' sessions when Amy Brauser would have us play the "Wheel.Of.Names" (insert the Wheel of Fortune sound effect now).

      Your support at the convention - shows me and others - the value you place on us, and we appreciate your generous contributions.

      With gratitude,

      Audra Smith


      Audra Smith, RPR, CRR, FCRR

      Daisy Ruiz put in a Kudos for Emma Palka

      Emma Palka is doing a great job handling the production email inbox, she is taking the time to confirm that the information we received is accurate and complete. That is a huge help for production, we appreciate your thorough work! 👍

      Robin Barca put in a Kudos for the West LAT Team

      Robin - Your team is the best and such a joy to work with. Thank you so much for the gift. I hope you are having a great day! 


      Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

      Debra Neiderfer and Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Nicole Holloway

      From: Jodi Loper 

      Subject: RE: CORRECTED: DEG Order Confirmation - 00051349

      Going crazy, too much work 😊 Nicole has been a gem. Another 2 depos next week.

      Jodi Loper

      Massey & Gail